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Making human rights, development and peace sustainable

20/09/2018 - 12:00
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On 20 September 2018, the EU Delegation co-sponsored a panel discussion in the margins of the Human Rights Council, entitled "Making human rights, development and peace sustainable: some regional contributions". The event was organised by the University for Peace, the Permanent Missions of Spain and Saudi Arabia, alongside the European Union, the African Union and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The event took a closer look at the role of the UN system in pursuing sustainable peace and regional as well as national perspectives on the promotion of sustainable peace, human rights and development.

Ambassador Stevens, Head of the EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva, stressed the importance of the European Union's role in making human rights, development and peace sustainable. The EU provides political support, expertise, financial backing and political leverage to strengthen the UN as the bedrock of the multilateral rules-based order. "Without global norms and the means to enforce them, peace and security, prosperity and democracy – our vital interests – are at risk. Peace and security, human rights and development are inseparable and mutually reinforcing. The EU is and will remain a leading player on these three fronts," Ambassador Stevens underlined. 

"We need to build bridges in support of multilateralism. In a volatile and unpredictable world, there is a need to stand behind the UN, to broaden conversations and to build new cross-regional alliances," Ambassador Stevens said, pointing to examples of cross-regional dialogue and cooperation with the EU, AU and UN and the EU and the OIC which show "that regional organizations like ours have an even larger role to play in pursuing a proactive multilateral agenda".

Ambassador Nassima Baghli of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) joined Ambassador Stevens in highlighting the role of regional and international dialogue and added intercultural and interfaith dialogue as a contribution of the OIC to advance the sustainability of human rights, development and peace.

Ambassador Kumar Bramdeo of the African Union addressed the striking role human rights play in the AU's core efforts of promoting security, stability and peace making and the importance of normative and operative instruments instituted by the AU.

The UN has always taken a leading role in promoting international peace by building on the three pillars of human rights, development and peace since its creation. With the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, this agenda is once more underlined.


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