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Project Sammalit Vikas Jankari - Improving access by people living with disability to information on public schemes in backward districts in India

03/09/2018 - 11:45
Democracy and Human Rights

Improving access by people living with disability to information on public schemes in backward districts in India.

Total Cost (EUR): 1 130 595

EU contracted amount (EUR): 999 619

Duration: January 2014 - December 2018


Funding Instrument: Non state actors and local authorities Co-financing (PVD)

Benefitting zone: India


STORY : Improving access to information on public schemes for people living with disability in backward districts in India


"All the persons with disabilities of the Bhuwalpur village became united and we approached the government officials collectively. Now I am enjoying the benefits of disability pension, railway concession and Indira Awas Yojana [financial assistance by the government]. I also got a tricycle from the government. The project has changed my entire life."


Ghurpath Kumar, Disabled People’s Group leader, Bhuwalpur village, Kaimur District, Bihar


Many of the people living with disability in India, especially the poor among them, remain excluded from public life due to numerous challenges, for example mobility issues in getting to school or the work place. Although different laws and schemes have been introduced to address these issues, people often remain unaware of them, or are unsure of how to get the benefits they are legally entitled to.


  • Engage Disabled People Organisations to actively spread information about the disability services available
  • Increase knowledge of and access to services for people living with disability
  • Train Disabled People Organisations on disability and gender legislation
  • Actively involve members of the village councils accountable to ensure that services are delivered to people with disability, especially the poor
  • Involve officials on block, district and state level to make development more inclusive


  • So far, 208 people with disability groups were formed in 15 blocks of five action districts. Also, three new Disabled People Organisations have been formed and two existing ones have been strengthened.
  • In Barwani, Disabled People Organisations facilitated 107 disability certificates, 20 Indira Awas Yojana and two Vivah Protsahan Yojana [financial assistance by the government] for people with disability as well as organising government assistance schemes for 22 people.
  • An information booklet has been published in each action district in the local language.
  • A total of 996 parents were counselled in 18 counselling camps in five districts; and total 992 girls and women with disabilities were trained in all five districts on their rights, self-esteem, health and hygiene


Gamanji can go to school

When I met Gamanji, he was completely bedridden. He is a little boy with cerebral palsy. He couldn’t move without the support of some of his family members. He had hardly seen the outside world. Initially it was difficult for us to convince his parents to send him to school. We got a wheelchair for him from Blind People’s Association in order to make the school easily accessible for the boy. The boy is now regularly attending the school. We also facilitated pension for the boy under Sant Surdas Yojna [financial assistance from the government] from social defense office.

Jat Andabhai, one of the community-based rehabilitation workers in the project in Banaskantha district, Gujarat.


  • EC Contribution: €999 620 (88% of the total)
  • Beneficiaries: People living with disabilities in villages in five districts


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