Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan


Bruxelles, 05/06/2018 - 06:32, UNIQUE ID: 180605_1
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On the occasion of the World Environment Day on 05 June 2018, the Delegation of the European Union to India and the Embassies of the European Union Member States announce this “Green Pledge”:

As a contribution to “Beat Plastic Pollution”, which is the theme of the World Environment Day 2018 being hosted by India from 01-05 June 2018, we will aim to:

  • Eliminate the use of single-use plastic products wherever possible such as plastic straws, stirrers, cups etc. in our embassies and residences.
  • We will switch from plastic bags to other material such as paper, cloth or jute bags,
  • We will stop serving water in plastic bottles.
  • We will request hotels and conference facilities where we organize our events to follow these principles.

In addition, we will continue to take steps to green our embassies:

  1. Saving Power, saving water:
    1. Water and power consumption will be reduced by installing the necessary equipment or retro-fitting, including LED lights, insulation, optical sensors, timer devices, motion sensors etc.
    2. Solar water heaters, solar power panels and rain-water harvesting structures will be installed on the rooftops of buildings where practically feasible.
    3. Green areas watering will be with minimal water consumption.
  2. Reducing and managing waste:  
    1. Segregation of garbage will be continued and increased.
    2. We will ensure that segregated waster is recycled.
    3. Conversion of organic waste into natural compost will be encouraged.
    4. We will use recycled papers.
    5. We will ensure periodic collection of our electric/electronic waste and look into ways for safe disposal of other hazardous waste streams for safe disposal
    6. We will introduce green purchasing into our criteria for supply contracts, and purchase Sustainable/Environmental/Fair trade products when available
  3. Education and training:
    1. We will conduct in-house awareness raising to sensitize staff and families on ways to minimise use of water and power, reduce plastic usage, segregate of garbage, re-use and repair items instead of discarding to the extent possible, and use air-conditioning moderately.
    2. We will ensure that our projects in India contributes to a better environment.
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