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Indian and European Experts gather in Goa to develop Panjim's Air Quality Action Plan

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Indian and European Experts gather in Goa to develop Panjim's Air Quality Action Plan

On the 16 September 2017, Indian and European Experts will gather in Panjim, Goa to brainstorm about air pollution emissions in the city and find solutions to be developed in a local air quality action plan


In an active initiative to partner with India in combating air pollution levels in Indian cities, the European Union has offered to share technical expertise to national and local governments to address issues of air pollution and develop air quality management plans.

This EU funded initiative started in January. It aims to support Indian authorities come out with effective measures to reduce air pollution through sharing best practices in air quality management and pollution control technologies.

Many European countries are known for their environment conservation efforts through advanced technologies. In addition, many European Institutions (governmental and non-governmental) act as pools of knowledge and know-how which is being shared with India officials and academic institutions through the project.

"The first step of drafting a scoping study was key to understand the air quality management system in India. A full picture about how air quality is managed including stakeholder analysis and regulations was pivotal to be able to map the way forward," as enumerated by Mr Sumit Sharma, TERI, India.

Three cities viz. have been selected based on their pollutant levels, sources of pollution, and keenness to participate in the project. Technical workshops are being run in these cities involving Government officials, industry, academia and NGO’s to evaluate possible measures to include in a local air quality management plan. In addition, event training days are also being offered by the European experts to members involved in local air quality management to foster capability and know-how.The activities are implemented by AETS, France along with TERI, India

These local efforts will contribute at national level to the drafting of a national air quality strategy that will allow collecting and replicating best practices across the country.

“This is a very rewarding initiative. Efforts have been made to get European Union air quality experts to come and share their knowledge, experiences and best practices which will enable government to benefit from lessons learnt in Europe and be empowered to deliver practical solutions to safeguard their citizen’s health,” Dr Grossinho, the project team leader, said.


Henriette Faergemann, Councelor Environment, Energy and Climate of the Delegation of the European Union in India and Bhutan, opined that “The interchange of best practices and technologies between the European Union experts and India institutions will be a catalyser for the further development of local action planning and strategies to reduce air pollution. The planned workshops are expected to be a great forum for productive brainstorming and contribute to a stronger partnership between India and the European Union".


The workshop in Goa is scheduled on 16 September, in Raipur on 20 September and in Bangalore on 12 October 2017.

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