Sendinefnd ESB á Íslandi

Húsnæði óskast - Accommodation wanted

Call for expressions of interest


The EU Delegation to Iceland is looking for a house or an apartment to take into long term lease or to purchase. The premises will serve as official and private residence for the Head of Delegation.

The purpose of the research is a gross area of ​​around 300 - 550 m² that will be fitted-out by the applicant in accordance with the instructions by the delegation if required.

It should be situated in the following post code arears:

  • 101
  • 105
  • 107
  • 170

The building should have easy access by road. Garage or parking space for the private use of the tenants should be available at building's boundaries. Sufficient number of parking possibilities for guests should be available in the building's proximity.

The premises will have a double function, it is:

1.         the private home of the Head of Delegation and his/her family;

2.         the venue for official entertaining and representation under the terms of the Vienna Convention

There should be a clear separation between the representation and the private area of the residence. As venue for official representation the residence needs to have facilities which allow the invitation of larger groups of people. As private accommodation it needs to provide all facilities that allow a normal family life.

The private area of the residence is normally sufficiently big to accommodate different family compositions.

Ideally the following conditions should be met:

1.         Functionality

Reception area

A typical residence should have the following rooms in the reception area:

•           the entrance hall and reception area should provide sufficient space for official receptions for at least 50 guests;

•           the dining room should seat at least 14 people and should be close to the kitchen;

•           the kitchen area should be suitable for the size and function of the residence;

•           guest toilets.

The following features are optional but nonetheless desirable for the reception area:

•           if possible, a cloakroom beside the entrance;

•           if possible, a guest room;

•           depending on the climate and on local custom, the residence may also feature a covered terrace, a porch and a swimming pool.

Private area

The private accommodation should be separate from, and if possible independent of, the reception area. A typical residence should have the following rooms:

•           a master bedroom;

•           two or three bedrooms for children and dependents;

•           a guest room (if there is no such room in the reception area);

•           one or more bathrooms;

•           a family room;

•           equipment rooms;

•           a garage or car port.

The following features are optional but nonetheless desirable for the private area:

•           a room that can be used as an office (alternatively, this may be in the reception area);

•           a small kitchen;

•           laundry area;

•           cellars and storage areas.


The premises must be compliant with all local building standards and regulations, in particular in terms of occupational health & safety, fire prevention and anti-seismic construction codes. The overall quality of finishes as well as the technical and mechanical equipment facilities should be in line with EEA and international standards.

The residence should be available for occupation, after fitting-out works completion on 01/01/2018 at the latest.

The submitted proposal should provide:


Detailed information on rental / purchase conditions, including rental / purchase price.

  • a full description of the building
  • spreadsheets of surfaces in square meters
  • floor plans, sections, elevation  drawings

Proposals must be submitted:


a) either by post or by courier not later than 15/05/2017, to the address indicated hereunder.


b) or delivered by hand not later than 16.00 on 15/05/2017 to the address indicated hereunder.

c) or by email :

For further information please liaise with the delegation at phone number +354 520 3399


Address of the delegation:             

European Union Delegation to Iceland

Aðalstræti 6, 4th floor,

101 Reykjavík, Iceland