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11/05/2016 - 18:01
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Delegation of the European Union to Iceland

The Delegation of the European Union to Iceland is a permanent diplomatic mission and officially represents the EU in Iceland. It is one of 140 EU Delegations accredited in non-EU countries and to international organisations around the world. It was established in January 2010. Up until then, the EU Delegation in Norway was in charge of relations with Iceland.

The Delegation has a number of tasks. We help to further develop the strong political, economic cultural and people-to-people relations between the EU and Iceland. We keep the EU up-to-date with developments in Iceland and inform the Icelandic government, public, media, social partners, non-governmental organisations, academics, think tanks and local authorities about EU policies and the latest news from the EU.

H.E. Ambassador Lucie Samcová - Hal Allen
H.E. Ambassador Lucie Samcová - Hal Allen


Dear Visitor,

It‘s my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the European Union Delegation to Iceland.

The EU and Iceland have an incredibly deep, friendly and wide-ranging relationship. Our partnership is based on shared values, and the close links between our citizens. At its heart is the unique Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), a remarkable success story since it entered into force in 1994. The Agreement demonstrates that our commitment is strong and long-standing, while its flexible nature allows us to develop our relationship with time and adjust it to new challenges and opportunities. Without a doubt, the EEA is the deepest and broadest cooperative arrangement the EU has with any partner in the world.

The EEA provides for the free movement of goods, capital, services and people between the European Union and Iceland (as well as Norway and Liechtenstein). Iceland’s membership in the Schengen area allows for border-free travel in Europe, which is used by Icelanders and EU citizens alike – visiting this beautiful country is on the wish list for many of them!

But the EEA is so much more than this. It also means close cooperation in areas like research and development, education, social policy, the environment, consumer protection, enterprise, tourism, civil protection, and culture. I discover on a daily basis new examples of cutting-edge research projects, business enterprises, civil society action and cultural cooperation. One of the most exciting features of my job is to see first-hand the very concrete results of our cooperation, and meet the brilliant people who bring it alive in daily life.

Since the early 90’s, more than 10% of Iceland’s population have benefited from the Erasmus Programme, having come to study and live in the EU. At the same time, nearly 40,000 EU citizens live in Iceland today -  more than 10% of the country’s population These figures alone illustrate our deep inter-connection.

Iceland is also our valued partner on the international stage. We see eye-to-eye on many foreign policy issues, engage in the world as development and humanitarian actors, and have a shared interest in building and maintaining a strong and cooperative multilateral system equipped to face today’s challenges. The EU and Iceland share a strong commitment to fight climate change, protect the Arctic, promote gender equality, and so much more.

My team at the EU Delegation to Iceland is committed to continuing this success story. We want to listen to the views to Icelanders, and provide up-to-date information about the EU and our policies. I hope that this website can play a part in that. I also encourage you to look at our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We look forward to being in touch.

H.E. Ambassador Lucie SAMCOVÁ – HALL ALLEN

Head of Delegation

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