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Vacancy: Policy Officer

03/08/2018 - 21:00
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We offer a post of Policy Officer in the Trade Section. Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as technical and support staff to follow economic developments in both Hong Kong and Macao as well as their economic relations with mainland China.

The Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao:

Policy Officer


We are


The European Union (EU) is an economic and political partnership between 28 European countries. It plays an important role in international affairs through diplomacy, trade, development aid and working with global organisations. Abroad, the EU is represented through more than 140 diplomatic representations, known also as EU Delegations, which have a similar function to those of an embassy.


The mandate of the EU Office to the Hong Kong and Macao SARs is:


  • To represent the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao and to present the positions and the interests of the European Union to the Hong Kong and Macao Governments;
  • To further relationships between the European Union and Hong Kong and Macao;
  • To disseminate information on the European Union, on policies and developments and in particular on the European integration process;
  • To facilitate and promote contacts between business communities in Hong Kong and Macao and in the European Union and to encourage greater awareness in Europe of developments relevant to Hong Kong and Macao, in particular on the implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle;
  • To cooperate with representatives of EU Member States in Hong Kong and in Macao on matters of interest to the European Union.


We offer


We offer a post of Policy Officer in the Trade Section. Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Office. Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Trade Affairs Officer – this job function may be changed in accordance with the needs of the Office. Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as technical and support staff to follow economic developments in both Hong Kong and Macao as well as their economic relations with mainland China. Keeping abreast of the economic policies and developments and the main regulatory and legislative frameworks in the European Union. Implementing priorities in EU-HK relations, such as cooperation on environmental issues, climate change, customs, research and innovation as well as the various regulatory exchanges of views. Reporting on economic policy and contributing to policy assessments of the EU Office. Preparation of briefing books and speaking points when requested. Participation in organising visits and events related to the competences of the EU Office, including, but not only, actions of the European Commission. Monitoring of the European Commission's dossiers related to EU-HK relations under the direct supervision of the Head of Trade Section.


Working Conditions and Environment


The length of the working week shall be 37.5 hours.


The place of employment is Hong Kong.


The starting basic salary will correspond to the salary in Group I Step 1. For every two years of previous relevant documented experience, an additional step will be given.


Final grading and starting step will be established after recruitment is finalised and following the evaluation and approval of the relevant and proven experience by Headquarters.


We offer a competitive position in an international environment. Benefits, such as additional pension scheme and medical insurance, are offered to employees and their families under certain conditions.


The job-holder can be asked to support other priorities of the Office as defined by the Head of Office for up to 20% of his/her total working time.


Contract Duration


The contract will be given for an unlimited period, including a 3-month probationary period.



Selection Criteria


Minimum Requirements:

  1. Medically fit to perform the required duties;
  2. Enjoys civil rights and permits for employment under local law;
  3. Proficiency in English as the working language of the EU Office;
  4. Relevant University degree;
  5. Experience of at least 5 years in international trade, economics, legal or policy-making environments or related fields.
  6. Proficiency in Cantonese and Mandarin will be considered as an asset;
  7. Experience of working in a diplomatic mission or international organisation will be considered as an asset;
  8. Knowledge of EU policies, programmes and procedures will be considered as assets.


How to Apply


Please send your application and supporting documents to . The package should include a cover letter (letter of motivation), a detailed CV, (preferably using the EUROPASS template to be found on: )

The subject line of your application should indicate the post title: "Trade Affairs Officer".


The Office will not supply additional information or discuss the selection procedure by telephone: please address any queries concerning this procedure to .


The Procedure


After the deadline for applications, the applicants will be reviewed by a Selection Committee set up for this purpose. The Selection Committee will prepare a short-list of candidates who are considered to be the most suitable for the post on the basis of a preliminary assessment of the information provided in their application letter and the supporting documents. The short-listed candidates will be invited to an assessment procedure to evaluate their drafting, analytical and communication skills. On the basis of the practical test results, the successful candidates will be invited for an interview so that the Selection Committee can evaluate them objectively and impartially on the basis of the requirements set out in the vacancy notice and other relevant criteria.


The candidates who have not been short-listed will not be contacted individually; however, the Office will use the same means of publication as for this Vacancy Notice to inform the remaining candidates once the recruitment procedure has been completed and that a candidate has (or has not) been recruited.


The deadline for applications is: 23:59 on Saturday, 18 August 2018

Completion of recruitment procedure – Policy Officer in the Trade Section


Following the publication of the vacancy notice from 03/08/2018 concerning the post of Policy Officer in the Trade Section, please be informed that the recruitment process is now completed and that a successful candidate has been recruited for the post.


We thank all applicants for their interest to work in the Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao."


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