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Macao and the European Commission celebrate 10 years of cooperation in the field of interpretation

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Macao, 10 October 2017

EU-Macao Cooperation


Macao and the European Commission celebrate 10 years of cooperation in the field of interpretation


Macao Polytechnic Institute is hosting a conference on Interpretation and Translation: “Experience, realities and perspectives” on 10-11 October to mark 10 years of cooperation between Macao and the European Commission in the field of interpretation.


Over 150 interpreters have received specialised interpretation training in Macao and Brussels since 2006, under the decade-long European Commission-Macao cooperation in the field of interpretation. This is an important feature of a larger framework of EU-Macao cooperation activities and solid trade relations.

Thanks to the Commission's support, the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) improves interpretation quality by providing training for trainers for government ministries and course leaders from universities in Macao and mainland China at special summer courses.

A further cooperation with the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) of Macao allows current and aspiring civil servants to develop and enhance their interpretation skills at interpretation training courses in Portuguese and Chinese in Macao and at the European Commission in Brussels.

The activities which the Commission has supported over the years are part of the Commission's ongoing strategy to help develop high-level professional standards for conference interpreters in many countries across the world.

Ms Fink-Hooijer, Director General of DG Interpretation, said: “Our cooperation goes beyond a purely linguistic or training dimension as it contributes to building bridges between the EU and Macao as well as Portuguese speaking countries.” At the conference in Macao, where DG Interpretation and DG Translation are present, Ms Fink-Hooijer spoke about the challenges ahead for interpretation and interpretation training in a changing world.

The cooperation with Macao in the field of interpretation promotes multilingualism, while contributing to a better understanding of the European Union (EU) in Macao and China. It aims at developing high quality interpretation, now and in the years to come. It has a strong cultural component and helps Macao develop and diversify its economy.




DG Interpretation is the largest interpreting service in the world. It provides interpretation in the 24 languages of the EU, including Bulgarian, and several non-EU languages, for the European institutions (European Council, the Council of the EU, the European Commission, rotating Presidencies of the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, the European Investment Bank) and external users (European Offices and agencies in the Member States and third countries in the framework of contacts with the EU).

DG Interpretation only provides conference interpretation; translation is ensured by other services. It has over 500 in-house interpreters and hires between 200-400 freelancers every day in order to provide interpretation at some 11,000 meetings per year. Freelance interpreters are recruited from a pool of nearly 3,300 accredited interpreters who have been successfully tested by the EU institutions.

For the past 30 years DG Interpretation has been contributing with its technical know-how to interpreter training projects in the EU but also in countries around the world such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, Russia and several African countries.

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