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The voice of journalists is our own voice. When media remain silent, it is like societies themselves are muzzled: unable to hold the political and economic leadership to account or to grant people the right to make fact-based choices in life.

Cette année, nous célébrons la Journée mondiale de la liberté de la presse en pleine pandémie mondiale. Cela nous donne une raison particulière de rendre hommage à tous les journalistes et professionnels des médias qui nous communiquent des informations sur l'actualité et analysent le monde dans lequel nous vivons.

Dieses Jahr begehen wir den Welttag der Pressefreiheit inmitten einer weltweiten Pandemie. Das ist ein besonderer Grund, alle Journalistinnen, Journalisten und Medienschaffenden zu würdigen, die uns Nachrichten übermitteln und die Welt, in der wir uns befinden, analysieren.

Este año celebramos el Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa en medio de una pandemia mundial. Esto nos da un motivo especial para rendir homenaje a todos los periodistas y profesionales de los medios de comunicación que nos traen las noticias y analizan el mundo en el que vivimos.

Quest'anno celebriamo la Giornata mondiale della libertà di stampa nel bel mezzo di una pandemia globale, situazione che ci offre un motivo particolare per rendere omaggio a tutti i giornalisti e gli operatori dei media che ci portano le notizie e analizzano il mondo in cui viviamo.

Este ano assinalamos o Dia Mundial da Liberdade de Imprensa em plena pandemia mundial. Esta situação dᬠnos um motivo especial para prestar homenagem a todos os jornalistas e profissionais da comunicação social que fazem chegar as notícias até nós e analisam o mundo em que vivemos.

This year, we mark World Press Freedom Day in the midst of a global pandemic. This gives us a special reason to pay tribute to all the journalists and media workers who bring us the news and analyse the world we are in.

On World Press Freedom Day, we pay tribute to the essential role of journalism in upholding online and offline freedom of expression in democratic societies and fostering transparency and accountability. The COVID-19 crisis has brought the importance of the work of the press into sharp relief. In times of uncertainty, more than ever, access to reliable fact-checked information, that is free from undue interference and influence, is crucial and contributes to a more resilient society. It is a matter of concern that the COVID-19 pandemic is being used in some countries as a pretext for imposing undue restrictions on freedom of the press.