Delegation of the European Union to Honduras


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Este es el hilo conductor de la segunda entrega de la serie de eventos digitales EUCA Trade Talks, dedicado a las compras públicas sostenibles, que se emitirá el próximo 20 de septiembre en abierto vía YouTube a partir de las 9:00 de la mañana (hora hondureña)

Today we celebrate the International Day of Democracy. As the world slowly recovers from the outbreak of the pandemic, we are confronted with the multiple threats posed to democracy in societies across the world. It is time to ensure that the universal democratic values we uphold are defended to rebuild stronger and more resilient societies.

Whether you care about climate change, jobs, the economy, or racial and social justice, your voice will only be heard and your vote will only count if you live in a democracy.

سواء كنت تهتم بتغير المناخ، أو الوظائف، أو الاقتصاد، أو العدالة العرقية والاجتماعية، لن يُسمع صوتك أو يُحدث تصويتك فرقاً إلا إذا كنت تعيش ضمن نظام ديمقراطي.

El pasado 08 de septiembre de 2021 se desarrolló un taller para la socialización de la Hoja de Ruta sobre el compromiso de la UE con la sociedad civil en Honduras.

On the occasion of the International Day to Protect Education from Attack, the EU reaffirms its commitment to promote and protect the right of every child to grow in a safe environment, have access to quality education, and build a better and more peaceful future.

Ensuring access to technology-enabled literacy learning opportunities is central to a human-centred recovery from the COVID-19 crisis