Delegation of the European Union to Honduras

The Chief Observer Marisa Matias officially launched the EU EOM Honduras 2017

30/10/2017 - 23:14
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The Chief Observer for the general elections in Honduras 2017 Marias Matias officially launched the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM), which is present in the country since 11 October. In her first visit to Honduras, the Chief Observer met, among others, with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the national civil registry, candidates and political party representatives, civil society organisations and media.

Marisa Matias explained all EU Election Observation Missions use a common methodology underpinned by the principles of impartiality, objectivity, independence and non-interference. ‘’EU Election Observation Missions are responsible for their own conclusions and do not receive instructions neither from the EU institutions nor by member states’ governments. Our budget derives directly from EU taxpayers’ contributions’’.

The Chief Observer detailed the EU long-term methodology. The EU EOM Honduras 2017 will cover the political campaign, pre-election preparations, election day – polling, counting and tabulation of results – and the complaints and appeals process as well as the announcement of results. This will include a thorough analysis of the legal framework, the work of the election administration, campaign activities, the conduct of the media in covering the elections, and the mechanisms for electoral disputes. The mission will meet election stakeholders, including government officials, election administration bodies, candidates and representatives from political parties, members of civil society and the media, the judiciary, amongst others.

Shortly after election day, the mission will issue a statement containing its preliminary findings. A final report, including a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the electoral process and with possibly recommendations for future elections, will be released several weeks later.

Listen to the press conference full podcast (in Spanish).