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Innovative knowledge management on food security in Central America

30/08/2012 - 00:00
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The Tale Contest Against Hunger in Central America is an activity of AlimentARTE, an initiative that considers art as a means to change social perspectives and promote human development in its broadest sense. AlimentARTE is using different art forms

“Writing about this issue in a country where many people suffer hunger is quite opportune, and a tale is a very good tool to raise awareness.”
Irving Noel Gómez, Nicaragua, won first place in the Tale Contest Against Hunger in Central America.


In Central America hunger affects more than 5 million people representing 15% of the total population, mostly children and elderlies. Chronic children's malnutrition is a life sentence that mortgages the future of youth, affecting 48% of the population in Guatemala, and over 20% in Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. The Tale Contest Against Hunger addressed the issue of hunger in a different and innovative way. Just to think and write about this problem contributes to create social awareness.


  • Visibility and awareness raising on hunger and its consequences in Central America.
  • Using art as a tool for advocacy and communication. Promoting the participation of society in writing and reading stories about the issue and finding solutions.


  • Successful participation, receiving 300 tales on 'hunger' in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama).
  • Wide dissemination of the Contest in the media and social networks.
  • Involvement and solidarity of important writers of the region, who donated a tale for the publication of a book.
  • Publication of a book with 33 tales on hunger and nutrition in Central America (1 500 copies).


Melba Muñoz. ACF Facebook page fan who participated in the Contest

"This competition has led many people to show how innocent people die from lack of food and raise awareness on how to help those hungry people, giving them a chance to life. All the stories are beautiful and everyone who participated in the contest is a winner just for the sake of participating. Good luck to all."

AlimentARTE participants

AlimentARTE participants

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