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Mobile Film Festival


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From August 20th 2018 to December 6th 2018


The action is dedicated to the organization of a special edition of the Mobile Film Festival to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration (UDHR 70).

Through a simple and accessible principle « 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film », the Mobile Film Festival (MFF) will offer the opportunity to young and talented filmmakers from all over the world to defend and promote Human Rights.

MFF will be partnering with the OHCHR from the United Nations to celebrate this UDHR 70.

MFF is also partnering with the EU that is carrying out a similar campaign with the OHCHR. The EU's project is dedicated to the Human Rights Defenders

The fact that the Mobile Film Festival is also partnering with the OHCHR on the same topic, which is to mark UDHR 70, using the same tools, which are short video stories, has created a unique opportunity to cross-link the Mobile Film Festival with the EU campaign. 

Since the EU is creating its own video stories about Human Rights Defenders worldwide, the intention is to use the Mobile Film Festival to help the EU disseminate and promote these video stories during the online campaign and award ceremony. As agreed with the EEAS Strategic Communications Division, the exact plan of dissemination and promotion will be prepared at a later stage.

The objective is to help the EU:

- Reach out to a network of 3500 institutions/entities in around 80 countries

- Give visibility to the human rights defenders video stories with a potential impact of 17 million views

- Give visibility through the MFF’s global communication plan (newsletters, emailing, social networks,…) with a potential impact of 7 million people

- Directly activate the audience through social networks, You Tube, press and other possible means of communication

- Broadcast the EU Human Rights Defenders video stories through the MFF multi-stakeholder networks/exchanges as well as during the award ceremony

- provide the EU grant for one of the films awarded (exact type of grant to be established at a later stage).

MFF will have also the support of major NGOs specialized on Human Rights such as La Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, FIDH, AEDH, The Elders, Jimmy Carter Foundation, Care, Witness, Human Rights Watch France and many others.

MFF will be financially supported by You Tube (main sponsor with full visibility), EU and CNC (French Film Commission) among others.

MFF aims to receive as many films as possible from the largest number of countries responding to the specific theme « Stand up for Human Rights » the official theme of the UN campaign.

The submission will be exclusively managed online through the MFF website.

MFF will select 50 films and this official selection will be presented to the audience and to the jury of professionals from the film industry.

Each of the films will be subtitled both in French and English to offer the largest accessibility to the audience.

The jury will deliver 5 grants to the best filmmakers to produce films or write scripts.

- Best International Film - 20.000 € grant to make a film supported by You Tube

- Best European Film - 20.000 € grant to make a film supported by European Union

- Best French Film - 20.000 € grant to make a film supported by You Tube

- Best Script - 3.000 € for a script writing residence supported by CNC

- Best Director - 3.000 € for a script writing residence supported by CNC

The festival will conclude with an award ceremony in Paris in the week 3-7 December (exact date is still to be set).

Hashtags/@ to be used:

#StandUp4HumanRights, @eu_eeas, #EUForeignPolicy, @unhumanrights @UNinbrussels, @MobileFilmFest,

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