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The situation in Belarus has become a matter of grave concern. After last Sunday's Presidential elections, Alexander Lukashenko and the Belarussian authorities must stop the repression against the Belarus people and open negotiations with the wider society. Over the last months, the Belarusians have clearly shown that they long for democracy and respect for human rights. A substantial political change is a precondition for further development of the relations between the EU and Belarus.

The aspirations of young people around the world need to be at the core of our political, social and economic development debate. Protecting and fighting for youths’ equal rights, particularly in developing regions, contributes to a fairer and more sustainable development. On the International Youth Day, the EU highlights the importance of giving voice to the young people and empowering them to better address the challenges of the future.

The devastating explosions that hit Beirut last week killed and injured numerous people and have destroyed major parts of the city and the livelihood of many of its inhabitants. The international community, and in the first place the European Union and its Member States, has reacted quickly to mitigate the immense damage and suffering caused. However, as it is often the case when such disasters happen, the most important and difficult steps lie ahead: what thousands of Lebanese citizens are asking for is to tackle deeper-rooted problems. As a long-time friend of Lebanon, the EU will stand by their sides in their efforts to build a more prosperous and democratic Lebanon.  We owe it to the victims of August 4th.

Indigenous Peoples have been socially, economically, politically and judicially excluded for centuries. The unbalance puts them at a greater risk in the current challenging international landscape. On the Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the EU extends its solidarity to all indigenous peoples. The EU is acting on the ground to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and calls for global efforts to protect indigenous peoples.

Indigene Völker werden seit Jahrhunderten sozial, wirtschaftlich, politisch und rechtlich ausgegrenzt. Wegen dieser Ungleichheit sind sie in der aktuellen internationalen Lage noch stärker gefährdet. Am Tag der indigenen Völker der Welt erklärt die EU ihre Solidarität mit allen indigenen Völkern. Die EU ist geht vor Ort gegen die Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie vor und fordert weltweite Anstrengungen, um indigene Völker zu schützen.

Les peuples autochtones sont exclus sur les plans social, économique, politique et juridique depuis des siècles. En raison de ce déséquilibre, ils sont exposés à des risques accrus dans le contexte international difficile auquel nous faisons actuellement face. À l’occasion de la Journée des peuples autochtones, l’UE se déclare solidaire de tous ces peuples. L’UE intervient sur le terrain pour atténuer les répercussions de la COVID-19 et demande que des efforts soient déployés au niveau mondial pour protéger les peuples autochtones.

Desde hace siglos, los pueblos indígenas han sufrido exclusión social, económica, política y jurídica. La falta de igualdad supone para ellos un mayor peligro en el difícil panorama internacional actual. En el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas del Mundo, la UE extiende su solidaridad a todos ellos. La UE actúa sobre el terreno para mitigar el impacto de la COVID-19 y reclama esfuerzos mundiales para proteger a los pueblos indígenas.

Da secoli i popoli indigeni sono vittime di esclusione a livello sociale, economico, politico e giudiziario. Questa situazione di squilibrio li espone a maggiori rischi nel difficile contesto internazionale attuale. In occasione della Giornata internazionale dei popoli indigeni del mondo, l'UE esprime la sua solidarietà a tutti i popoli indigeni. L'UE interviene sul campo per attenuare l'impatto della COVID 19 e caldeggia un impegno globale per tutelare i popoli indigeni.

Os povos indígenas têm sido excluídos social, económica, política e judicialmente ao longo de séculos. Devido a estes desequilíbrios, estão mais expostos a riscos na difícil conjuntura internacional atual. No Dia Internacional dos Povos Indígenas do Mundo, a UE expressa a sua solidariedade a todos os povos indígenas. A UE está a atuar no terreno para mitigar o impacto da COVID-19 e apela a que sejam envidados esforços a nível mundial para proteger os povos indígenas.

As we mark the International day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the EU extends its solidarity to all indigenous peoples around the world at a time when their health, lives and livelihoods are endangered by the COVID-19 pandemic.