Delegation of the European Union to Haiti

HRC 43 - Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on disabilities - EU Intervention

Geneva, 28/02/2020 - 16:46, UNIQUE ID: 200228_40
Statements on behalf of the EU

Ms Devandas-Aguilar, The EU welcomes the report presented to this session, and seizes this opportunity, as your term comes to an end, to praise your extensive work during the past six years of tenure which has undoubtedly served this Council to better understand and interpret the rights of persons with disabilities which stem from CRPD.

Having said that, let me commend your contribution to the work that the Secretary General directed last year in order to elaborate UN-DIS, which is an ambitious system-wide strategy aimed at mainstreaming the rights of persons with disabilities, accessibility and inclusion in daily UN operations.

On the thematic report on “Ableism and Bioethics” that we are discussing today, we have learnt that ableism is one of the under-lying reasons for the persistent discrimination against persons with disabilities. In fact, eugenic State-led policies in the past were inextricably rooted in the misconception that persons with disabilities cannot enjoy a fulfilling life and that their lives are incomplete and unfortunate.

We take note of your recommendations and proposals to safeguard the personal autonomy and rights of women, while countering ableist approaches and stances to current debates which convey the mistaken notion that persons with disabilities lead lives not worth living.

Ms Devandas, our question would turn to the work you have discharged around UN-DIS last year. We would like to ask you as a mandate holder of the HRC, how this Body could engage in this interesting avenue of work.

Thank you.

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