Delegation of the European Union to Ghana


Delegation of the European Union to Ghana

Postal address: 
The Round House,
81, Cantonments Road,
P. O. Box 9505 KIA, Accra, GHANA

Phone number: 
Telephone: +233 (0) 30 277 4201
Fax: +233 (0) 30 277 4154

Additional contact info: 


Head of Delegation

Diana ACCONCIA (Mrs.)


Assistant to the Head of Delegation  
Inge ZERBO (Mrs.) -

Head of Political, Information and Communication (PIC) Section 
Paolo SALVIA (Mr.) -

Head of Cooperation

Zolta AGAI (Mr.) -


Head of Governance and Civil Society (GCS) Section

Maria Luisa TRONCOSO -

Head of Macro Economic and Trade (MET) Section

Sophie AUTIE (Mrs.) -

Head of Infrastructure and Sustainable Development (ISD) Section 
Roberto SCHILIRO (Mr.) -

Head of Finance and Contracts (FC) Section  
Sergio PICCOLO (Mr.) -

Head of Administration (ADM) Section
Sylvie SATTIN (Mrs.) -

List of Human Rights Focal Points and EU Liaison Officers on Human Rights Defenders in the Ghana Delegation

Head of Political Section 
SALVIA Paolo –; Tel: 0302774094

Programme Officer, Governance Section
ALLAN Joseph Bogrebon – Tel: 0302- 774094/ - 21 760243

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Thursday
7h30 am to 3h45 pm
7h30 am to 2h00 pm
Weekends and public holidays