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Astăzi, Comisia Europeană și Înaltul Reprezentant al Uniunii pentru afaceri externe și politica de securitate au prezentat planuri ambițioase de promovare a egalității de gen și a emancipării femeilor prin toate acțiunile externe ale Uniunii Europene.
EU Ambassador, Carl Hartzell, delivered a statement at 2020 Cybersecurity Forum
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Înaltul Reprezentant/vicepreședintele Federica Mogherini a prezentat cel de al treilea raport privind progresele înregistrate în punerea în aplicare a Strategiei globale a Uniunii Europene, intitulat „Strategia globală a UE în practică- după trei ani de la elaborare, privind către viitor”, care va
Find out how to vote in the European elections if you live outside your home country.
The 1st October marks 10 years since the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) was deployed to Georgia. For a decade, the EUMM has contributed to enhanced security and stability, conducting over 65,000 patrols on the ground. Over 1,700 EU nationals have served in the Mission over the years. That
HR/VP Josep Borrell on International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
24/04/2020- HR/VP Josep Borrell on the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, and why the EU reaffirms its longstanding commitment to international cooperation and to the rules-based international order – above all in the light of tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.
Josep Borrell video message on coronavirus outbreak (subtitles)
Coronavirus outbreak
23/03/2020- HR/VP Josep Borrell on the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, focusing on the engagement of different key actors of our society and the EU’s response, including the efforts to coordinate the repatriation of thousands of European stranded abroad.
ევროკავშირი ხელს უწყობს ბიზნესის განვითარებას საქართველოში
ევროკავშირი ხელს უწყობს ბიზნესის განვითარებას საქართველოში
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Drapelul european simbolizează atât Uniunea Europeană, cât și, în sens mai larg, identitatea și unitatea Europei. Drapelul prezintă un cerc format din 12 stele aurii pe fond albastru. Stelele simbolizează idealurile de unitate, solidaritate și armonie între popoarele Europei. Numărul stelelor nu are
  Key highlights: EU supported electric buses arrive in Batumi, the new Access2Markets trade portal, and lots of environment: a new EU4Climate website for EaP countries, wrapping up 18 months of EU support on environment and EU Ambassador statements on World Environment Education day. Also- Check
  Over the past weeks, the EU Delegation to Georgia and team Europe have continued supporting Georgia in its efforts to combat COVID-19, together with our project partners including delivering direct support like medical equipment or by providing additional grants for farmers. We also look back at
  Welcome to the first edition of the European Union in Georgia newsletter. Issued by the Delegation of the European Union on a bi-weekly basis, it will provide regular and easy access to information on EU activities in Georgia.   This edition is dominated with news on EU and TeamEurope response to