Delegation of the European Union to Georgia

EU Delegation Newsletter, 10 July 2020, No 4

10/07/2020 - 15:55


The EU continues to support Georgia overcome the negative consequences caused by the pandemic. Through EIB, the EU has signed an agreement with Bank of Georgia supporting loans to small and medium enterprises, and a grants competition to support rural tourism in Georgia was launched by Greta project, funded by Team Europe, composed of the EU, Austria and Sweden. Keda LAG, under the ENPARD progamme, has also launched a grants competition for Keda Municipality. Together with MEPA and FAO, the EU has awarded GEL 2 million in agricultural grants.

Within the past week’s we have shared stories of businesses adapting to and overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, with support of the EU. Doctor Goods managed to increase production and employ more staff, and social enterprise Kombinizona expanded its taskforce employing people with disabilities. Another story of success is the company Foreji working on organic aquaculture.

EU Ambassador, Carl Hartzell, visited EU funded projects in the region of Kakheti. He also made sent a congratulatory message to the Young European Ambassadors on their 4th Anniversary.

In addition, we celebrated the 6th Anniversary of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, and the third report on the visa suspension mechanism has been published by the European Commission.