Delegation of the European Union to Georgia

Support to the Public Administration Reform in Georgia (PAR)

03/11/2018 - 21:00
Rule of Law


EU contribution EUR 30 million


The Government of Georgia recognises the strategic importance of Public Administration Reform (PAR) to its overall reform aspirations and to the effective implementation of the EU-Georgia Agreements. the Government has adopted several strategies addressing various aspects of the Public Administration Reform process however, to date the interventions have been disparate, ad hoc in character, and have lacked a systemic approach.


The overall objective of this programme is to improve the quality of service delivery of the public administration, by improving its efficiency, accountability and transparency. This will be done in harmonisation with European principles and best practices. The specific objectives are 1) to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Central Public Administration through the introduction of a policy-driven, results oriented approach; 2) to enhance the Civil Service’s functioning according to professional standards, impartiality and accountability, and improve transparency, accessibility and the quality of services to citizens; 3) to enhance accountability of the executive branch and combat corruption; 4) strengthen public finance policy processes in public institutions; and 5) to strengthen public finance policy processes in public institutions.

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