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Director Clarke of DG AGRI visits EU Rural Development Project in Tetritskaro Municipality

03/04/2019 - 16:42

On 3 April 2019, an EU mission from Brussels led by John Clarke, Director of International Affairs, DG Agriculture, European Commission, visited an EU-supported rural development project in the Tetritskaro municipality. Mr. Clarke met with the members of Tetritskaro Local Action Group (LAG) and the project implementing partner organisation, Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG). Afterwards, he visited the EU funded cheese factory in the village of Tsintskaro.

At the meeting with the LAG members, the EU mission was introduced to the EU-funded rural development project implementing by EU partner organisation, Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) in Tetritskaro municipality. Vano Grigolashvili, Chairman of RDFG highlighted the importance of the European LEADER approach in the rural development process in Georgia. Nelly Revazishvili, Rural Development project manager briefed the guests on the EU ENPARD project goals and activities in the municipality.

In addition, presentations were made on the Local Development Strategy and activities of the LAG in the municipality. Nino Tikurishvili, Executive Director of the Tetritskaro Local Action Group spoke about the LAG’s activities and key achievements. Tertitskaro’s LAG is a multisectoral cooperation platform that brings together the civil, private and public sectors to stimulate the local development of the Tetritskaro municipality through a balanced, participative and inclusive local development strategy. The Tetritskaro LAG was formed in 2017, with the support of EU ENPARD programme and based on the EU LEADER approach for rural development. The LAG, with a membership of 97 Tetritskaro residents, combines all 20 communities, including national and religious minorities as well as IDPs and eco-migrants residing in the Tetritskaro municipality.

After the meeting with the Tetritkaro LAG, the guests visited the EU beneficiary cheese factory “Tsintskaro +”. The director of the factory explained the specifics of dairy processing and shared her plans for the business development with the EU support under the ENPARD project. The guests had an opportunity to observe the cheese making process and taste different varieties of cheese made at the factory.

The cheese factory “Tsintskaro +” is one of the rural development initiatives funded by the EU under the ENPARD project in Tetritskaro. Over 35 rural development initiatives have been supported by the EU in partnership with RDFG and LAG in the municipality, including the sectors of agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, education, social and municipal services. These projects facilitate creation of 180 permanent and 35 temporary jobs in Tetritskaro.

The EU-funded project “Rural Development for Sustainable Growth in the Tetritskaro Municipality” is implemented by EU partner organisation, RDFG. The project aims to improve the quality of life in the Tetritskaro municipality through the introduction of innovative social-economic models and engagement of local private and public sectors in the decision making. RDFG is partnering with the Agro-Technology Association and the Lithuanian Local Action Groups Network to carry out the action.

The EU is supporting rural development in Georgia through its ENPARD Programme. Implemented since 2013 with a total budget of EUR 179.5 million, the main goal of ENPARD is to reduce rural poverty. The first phase of ENPARD in Georgia focused on developing the potential of agriculture. The second phase focuses on creating economic opportunities for rural population that go beyond agricultural activities. More information on ENPARD is available at:


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