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EU adopts new Civil Society Roadmap 2018-2020

Tbilisi, 19/12/2018 - 12:02, UNIQUE ID: 181219_9
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Earlier this year, the European Union has launched the development of a new generation of Country Roadmaps for EU Engagement with civil society. The former Roadmap (see below) covered 2014-2017. The new roadmaps, to cover 2018-2020, are meant to improve the impact, predictability and visibility of EU support to civil society in the neighbourhood, and to ensure consistency and synergy throughout the many sectors covered by EU assistance. They are also meant to stimulate better co-ordination and sharing of best practices with EU Member States and other international actors.

Following consultations with civil society in Tbilisi (11-12 October 2018) but also in Telavi (16 October) and Kutaisi (17 October), as well as contributions from EU Member States, the EU has formally adopted the new Roadmap on 18 December 2018. The English and Georgian versions can be found below.

The following seven priorities have been identified as an outcome of the consultations and reflect the main lines of engagement in the years to come between the EU and its Member States, on one side, and the civil society in Georgia, on the other side:

  • Priority 1 – Provide wide-ranging capacity building for CSOs to perform multiple roles, in particular to engage in policy dialogues, act as watchdogs and as social entrepreneurs
  • Priority 2 – Increase CSOs engagement in a more balanced and sustainable territorial development, including agriculture, rural development and food safety
  • Priority 3 – Enhance CSOs involvement in the promotion of the DCFTA's practical benefits at all levels of society
  • Priority 4 – Support CSOs in promoting energy efficiency, as well as the road safety and air quality, measures, and monitoring their implementation
  • Priority 5 – Increase CSOs participation in the reform of the public administration and security sectors
  • Priority 6 – Support CSOs promoting and defending human rights
  • Priority 7 – Increase CSOs engagement in skills development for employment and matching for labour market needs (EVET), as well as youth and culture

A follow up round of consultations with the civil society and other key stakeholders will take place early 2019, to present and discuss these priorities and their implementation.

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