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EU deploys Election Observation Mission to Mali

Bruxelles, 29/06/2018 - 18:39, UNIQUE ID: 180629_9
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EU deploys Election Observation Mission to Mali

At the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Mali, the EU has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EOM) for the presidential elections, the first round of which will be held on 29 July 2018, followed by a second round, if necessary, on 12 August 2018.

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice‑President of the Commission, has appointed Cécile Kyenge, Member of the European Parliament, as Chief Observer.

'The presidential elections to be held on 29 July represent an important milestone on the path towards stability and democracy in Mali following the 2012 crisis. The future government will be responsible for consolidating the efforts made towards ensuring peace, reconciliation and stability in the country, thereby allowing all Malian citizens to live in peace and security. Mali can count on the firm support of the European Union to further these efforts and to build a peaceful and prosperous future for all of its citizens. I am confident that the Election Observation Mission under the leadership of Cécile Kyenge will also contribute to ensuring the quality of this crucially important vote', stated the High Representative.

Cécile Kyenge added, 'This Election Observation Mission is in line with the bilateral preferential relationship between the EU and Mali. It demonstrates the strength of our partnership and the importance of our joint work in strengthening democracy and good governance. Moreover, it represents the continuity of our contribution to the observation of Mali's previous presidential and legislative electoral processes held in 2013.'

A core team of nine electoral analysts has been based in Bamako since 19 June 2018. A total of 20 long-term observers will be deployed in the country from 2 July. On the day of the vote, the EOM will have a total of 80 observers from various EU Members States . The Mission will observe all stages of the electoral process.

The EU EOM operates in a fully independent and neutral manner.



The EOM's observers are obliged to abide by a code of conduct which satisfies international election observation standards and the legal and regulatory provisions in force in Mali. The mandate of the EOM is to observe and analyse the entire electoral process in order to carry out an impartial, neutral and objective assessment. This analysis is based on the national and international standards and undertakings in the field of democratic elections which have been endorsed by Mali. Once the polls close, the EOM will publicly present a preliminary statement setting out its initial conclusions on the electoral process. A comprehensive analytical report will subsequently be published several weeks after the presidential elections. That report will include recommendations with a view to the forthcoming elections.

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