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Social Service Agency conducted first Vacancy Monitoring with EU Support

Tbilisi, 15/05/2018 - 12:51, UNIQUE ID: 180515_7
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The Employment Support Service at the Social Service Agency together with the Delegation of the European Union presented the report on the vacancy monitoring on the regional labour markets. The study was conducted by the Employment Support Services with support of the European Union.

The study was launched in November 2017, and will be conducted by Employment Support Services on a regular basis from now on. It was the first attempt to introduce the “vacancy monitoring” in the multiple units of the Social Service Agency. The approach suggests that the agency employees establish regular contact with the employers and collect information regarding their past, current and future vacancies.


The study ascertained the main trends on the regional labour markets throughout Georgia:

  • The demand on the Georgian labour market is on the positions that require low to medium levels of qualification, the demand for specialists with vocational education is relatively high in regions and differs according to the specificity of the region. The majority of the positions that cannot be filled require a vocational education.
  • As a rough estimation 58% of all vacancies require basic education and 25% require vocational education. In case of 9% higher education is considered essential and for 8% of the vacancies education level is not specified
  • There are several reasons why employers have problems in filling the vacancies. Either the candidates lack appropriate training/qualification or the labour force with certain skills is non-existent in the region. .
  • Another reason for unfilled positions is the harsh working conditions such as low pay and hard working conditions , nevertheless, employers do not consider any improvements, in this regard , but rather try hiring a candidate with lower  qualifications or recruiting them from other regions



The Technical Assistance project “EUVEGE”  is funded by the European Union to support the people of Georgia in poverty reduction and social cohesion. The project provides technical assistance to ministries of Labour, Health and Social Affairs and of Education and Science of Georgia and supports them in skills development and in managing and monitoring policies, evaluation of reform activities and human resources management. Project supports the development of a strategic approach to employment and to creation of more and better jobs with decent working conditions, better matching of skills and jobs in the labour market.


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  • Tamriko Mikadze, Press and Information Officer, Delegation of the European Union to Georgia,
  • Tata Sakvarelidze, Communication expert of Employment/Labour Market and Vocational Education and Training, 577 424 482
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