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‘RE-JOINING SOCIETY’ New EU projects with NGOs to support resocialization of those in conflict with the Law

Tbilisi, 26/01/2017 - 07:55, UNIQUE ID: 170126_11
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The Ministry of Corrections, the National Probation Agency, the EU Delegation and NGOs officially launched six EU-funded projects to further support re-integration into society of those who have been, or are at risk of conflict with the Law.

For many years the EU has been providing large and diverse support to Georgian penitentiary and probationary institutions through direct budgetary support, technical expertise or grants with international or civil society organizations.

In this respect, the EU has already supported a number of projects with NGOs that helped with resocialization and rehabilitation of inmates, former inmates, probationers, as well as children and juveniles in conflict with the law in Georgia.

On Thursday, another six projects with NGOs with a total budget of GEL 11 million from EU's funds were officially launched to further assist in those areas with the support of the Ministry of Corrections and National Probation Agency.

The new projects will primarily improve the opportunities for vocational education and employment of the target groups (4 projects), and will also provide them with psycho-social and medical support (1 project), and implement crime prevention programmes for children and juveniles (1 project).

Specific attention to vulnerable groups, regional coverage and enhancement of communities' awareness is inherent to all the projects.

Projects will be implemented by: Civil Development Agency, Center for Information and Counselling on Reproductive Health TANADGOMA , GCRT, Institute of Democracy, Arbeiter Samariter- Bund Deutschland, Hilswerk Austria International.

The projects are part of the cooperation framework between EU and Georgia in the justice sector – known as the EU4Justice Programme – for which the EU allocated another EUR 50 million (GEL 145 million) in 2015. They also respond to the commitments made by the EU and Georgia in the Association Agenda to "continue to implement rehabilitation and re-socialisation policies in criminal justice; promote use of non-custodial sentences, community orders, reinforced use of probation, early release through parole, diversion and mediation"


Ms Ketevan Elizbarishvili

Project Manager  

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