Delegation of the European Union to The Gambia


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The annual European Union Ambassadors` conference is taking place between the 9th and 13th of November, for the first time in a virtual format.
The conference brings together EU Ambassadors from the EU`s 143 EU Delegations and Offices around the world, in addition to the heads of EU military and civilian operations and the heads of the European Commission Representations in the 27 EU Member States. 

The Project officer in Energy and Climate Change contributes to the definition, formulation and implementation of policies and initiatives concerning energy and in particular renewable energy, as well as adaptation and mitigation measures aimed at reducing the impact of climate change in particular with view to energy.

We have an open position as a Project Officer in Digital for Development (Local Agent). The Project officer in Digital for Development (D4D) contributes to the definition, formulation and implementation of policies and initiatives concerning the four pillars of the Digital for Development strategy of EU development cooperation, namely: (i) Governance, policy and regulatory frameworks, (ii) Accelerating the achievement of universal access to affordable broadband; (iii) Digital skills and support to digitally enabled entrepreneurship; (iv) Accelerating the adoption of e-Services and further development of the digital economy for achieving the SDGs.

06/11/20 - HR/VP blog – Last Tuesday we held the 5th EU-Pakistan strategic dialogue. With the prolonged and worsening COVID-19 crisis, the fight against terrorism and radicalisation, and the growing international tensions in the region and worldwide, it is more important than ever for the EU to deepen its ties with a country like Pakistan.

03/11/20 - HR/VP Blog - There is never any justification for callous killings such as those that have taken place recently in France and Austria. The EU stands united and we appeal to all our partners in the world to work closely with us to fight terror, hate speech and disinformation.

31/10/2020 - HRVP Blog - Since the beginning of my mandate, I have been working on a new EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime. We are now at the final stage of a long and complex process to establish it. Once the legal instruments adopted by the Council, this regime would allow us to go swiftly after perpetrators, wherever violations occur. Let me explain what this new regime is about and how the EU institutional machinery works.

29-10-2020 - HR/VP video blog - We need to strengthen our partnership because our political, economic and security future is at stake when it comes to our relations with Africa, a young and dynamic continent. The EU is still Africa’s first partner in many areas, but we are facing more and more competition.

27/10/20 -HR/VP Blog — The Western Mediterranean always has been, and always will be, a key region for Europe. However, in order to develop mutually beneficial relations across the Mediterranean, we will have to successfully bridge the divide growing between its two shores, especially in economic terms.