Delegation of the European Union to The Gambia

Local Authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities


Contracting authority: European Commission

“Local Authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities”

Guidelines for grant applicants

Budget line(s): BGUE-B2018-21.020802-C1-DEVCO


Deadline for submission[1] of concept notes:

6 December 2018 at 12:00 (Brussels date and time)


[1] Online submission via PROSPECT is mandatory for this call for proposals (see Section 2.2.2). In PROSPECT all dates and times are expressed in Brussels time. Applicants should note that the IT support is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:30 Brussels time (except for public holidays). Applicants should take note of the weekly maintenance hours mentioned in the PROSPECT user manual.



The publication language of this call for proposals is English. A courtesy French translation of the Guidelines for grant applicants is available on the website of DG International Cooperation and Development: In case of any discrepancy between the language versions of this call, the English version will prevail.

Applicants can apply in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Applicants that submit proposals in French, Spanish, or Portuguese must use the English grant application form annexed to these guidelines (Annex A).

This is a restricted call for proposals. In the first instance, only concept notes (Part A of the grant application form) must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, lead applicants who have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a full application. After the evaluation of the full applications, an eligibility check will be performed for those which have been provisionally selected. Eligibility will be checked on the basis of the supporting documents requested by the Contracting authority and the signed ‘declaration by the lead applicant’ sent together with the full application.

To apply to this call for proposals organisations must register in PADOR and submit their application in PROSPECT (see section 2.2.2 of the guidelines). The aim of PROSPECT is to increase the efficiency of the management of the call for proposals and to offer a better service to applicants through a new panel of functionalities such as the on-line submission and the possibility to follow up online the status of their application.

Preparation: Information session on 7th November 2018, 10:00 at The External Cooperation INFOPOINT, 43 Rue de la Loi - 1040 Brussels, Belgium and user manuals.

To help applicants familiarise themselves with the system before the online submission, an information session will be organised on 7th November 2018, 10:00 at The External Cooperation INFOPOINT, 43 Rue de la Loi - 1040 Brussels, Belgium.

The recording of the Information Session will be available at the following link: .

Should you be interested in this session, please send an email by 5th November 2018 to , indicating: name, surname, nationality and email address of the persons who are going to participate as well as their organisation (max. two participants per organisation). No costs incurred by the applicants for attending this information session are reimbursable.

All organisations can find the e-learning (Annex L) and the PROSPECT users' manual (Annex M) and the FAQ published together with the documents of this call. You may also contact our technical support team via the online support form in PROSPECT[1].

A functional mailbox specifically dedicated to this call has been set up:

It shall be used exclusively for sending clarification requests within the deadlines set in paragraph 2.2 of these guidelines, No other functional mailbox will be used. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to close this mail box without prior notice once this call for proposals is closed and not to reply to requests which do not fall under one of the afore-mentioned category.

Concept notes or full applications submitted via this mailbox and any other mailbox will not be considered.


[1] If PROSPECT is unavailable, the IT support can also be reached via email:

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