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EU-Support for Rule of Law and Fight Against Corruption (ROLAC)

03/01/2019 - 17:03
Rule of Law

The overall objective of the project is to enhance good governance in Nigeria by contributing to strengthening of the rule of law and curbing corruption.



The main expected outcomes are to: a) advance the timely, effective and transparent dispensation of criminal justice: b) strengthen access to justice for women, children and persons with disabilities at Federal and State levels; c) strengthen the fight against corruption by reinforcing prevention mechanisms and building the capacity of anti-corruption agencies to effectively address corruption in public procurement, the criminal justice system and the extractive sector; and d) to enhance civil society and public engagement in the fight against corruption and the criminal justice reform process.


Expected Results:

  • Dispensation of criminal justice at federal and state level is more timely, effective and transparent;
  • Access to justice is improved at federal level and in selected focal states for women, children, and persons with disabilities;
  • Enhanced ability to address corruption in the criminal justice sector, public procurement and the extractive industries, including through improved performance and coordination among target AntiCorruption Agencies (ACAs);
  • Civil society, public and private sector empowered to constructively engage on criminal justice reforms and the fight against anti-corruption.   

Main activities:

  • Support effective functioning/set-up of relevant committees and forums to oversee ACJ Act/Laws; develop model instruments (laws/polices/strategies/regulate) to domesticate and implement ACJ Act/Laws;
  • Support to implementation (federal), domestication, dissemination, training and advocacy of relevant legislation (VAPP Act, Child Rights Act, Legal Aid Act, Person with Disabilities Bill, Mental Health Bill);
  • Develop and implement coordination protocol on intelligence sharing between ACAs and relevant justice institutions;
  • Support CSO awareness raising and campaigns on relevant legislation, criminal justice and anticorruption issues;
  • Support CSO advocacy on key legislation; train demand side of criminal justice and anti-corruption to effectively engage on criminal justice and anti-corruption reform;
  • Dissemination, training and advocacy of ACJ Act/Laws and complementary criminal justice reform bills; 


Main Accomplishments to date:

  • The project contributed to the establishment of sexual assault referral centres in the project focal states.
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework for the National Anti corruption Strategy is also been supported by the project. 



Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS Ref: (FED/2015/ 039-083)

Total budget (EUR): 25M  

Implementing period: 4 years (2017-2020) 

Implementing agencies:  British Council

Geographical region:  Nationwide (Focal States: Anambra, Lagos, Adamawa, Kano)

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