Делегација на Европската Унија во поранешна Југословенска Република Македонија


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    Ambassador Samuel Žbogar's interview with Telma TV: If citizens see change in key areas in the next months, EU Member States will recognise that change, too

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    Fight against corruption is among the key reform priorities. The new composition of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, which has not been functioning for months, needs to be established fast, consist of professionals and have stronger powers, sufficient resources and full independence; it should bring fresh air in the fight against corruption, said Ambassador Žbogar. Other topics in the interview included the course of reforms in other sectors, especially judiciary, the Prespa Agreement, expectations from the EU Council meeting in June…

    Интервју на амбасадорот Самуел Жбогар за Телма ТВ: Ако граѓаните почувствуваат промена во клучните области во следните месеци, тоа ќе го забележат и земјите-членки на ЕУ

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    International Day of Peace – 21 September

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    Federica Mogherini presents the EU Global Strategy

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