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The project "Promotion of the Royal Tomb in the Archaeological Site Gradishte - Brazda" is proposed by the Institute for Archaeological Research.

The project’s primary goal is to raise awareness among the local population of the importance of the cultural monument in their immediate environment, and to encourage them to take part in the Arheo Park’s protection and maintenance in the future.

A full day event will be organised in the park that will encompass a presentation of documentary films produced about the site, as well as an exhibition of photographs of its environment, and the activities for its cleaning and transformation from an abandoned site into a new tourist attraction.

Part of the project is dedicated to education of the youngest from the local school about the importance of archaeology, cultural heritage and its preservation, but also a lecture for the local administration about the potentials for future development of cultural tourism in rural areas and its utilization in the direction of economic development and promotion of the local community.


Arheo Park Brazda
R2239 street
Brazda village
Cucer Sandevo
Republic of North Macedonia