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Since 1992 and until the introduction of the new Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in 2007 (widely known simply as IPA), the financial aid of the European Union, distributed mainly through the PHARE and CARDS programmes, totalled at over 800 million Euro.

The assistance provided in the period 2007- 2013, through the five components of the IPA, amounts to 622.5 (622,496,001) million Euro. Financial assistance is being implemented through numerous projects following the process of programming and contracting.

The areas covered by the EU-funded projects vary in their scope, budgets and the number of experts, from large infrastructural and environmental projects, worth tens of millions of Euro, to small grants to NGOs that work at the local level, the procurement of equipment for the police, reforms in the judiciary or even the registration of animals, the European Union actively participates and promotes the welfare of the citizens in virtually all aspects of daily life.

So far, more than 400 EU-financed projects were completed or are being implemented in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

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