Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific


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On the International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we celebrate the contributions of indigenous peoples to the diversity and richness of civilizations and cultures and indeed to our common heritage. It is also a day where we take stock of the many achievements in the recognition and realisation of their rights and identify the actions that the world community still needs to take, so that human rights are universally applied without any discrimination.

“I welcome you all to this training, in which you have prepared presentations according to
your expertise. This is an exciting opportunity to flag issues of interest, for the attention of all, so that we can
be aware of them, learn from your expertise, and do more research into these very important matters,” said
Honourable Chief Justice, Mr. Anthony Gates, opening this year’s Judicial Department Criminal Law Workshop
for High Court Judges and Magistrates.

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political partnership between 28 European countries. It plays an important role in international affairs through diplomacy, trade, development aid and working with global organisations. Abroad, the EU is represented through more than 140 diplomatic representations, known also as EU Delegations, which have a similar function to those of an embassy.

The EU Delegation for the Pacific promotes the local projection of an image of the European Union that correctly reflects facts, policies, statements and decisions taken by the EU.
The EU Delegation for the Pacific office is located in Suva.

Communities in the remote, drought prone, northern atolls of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) are trialling new food security measures to increase the availability of local food crops, expand the use of drought resistant crop varieties, improve soil management practices, and establish nurseries.

On the occasion of the Day of International Criminal Justice the European Union reaffirms its commitment to the fight against impunity for the most serious crimes and violations of international humanitarian law.

A 15-minute documentary highlighting the work of the European Union (EU) funded Micro Projects Programme (MPP) was digitally launched today. The documentary, titled “Lighting Up Communities” was launched virtually on the Pacific Community (SPC) YouTube channel and via its online platforms. The MPP programme is being implemented by SPC.

Every minute, every day, nearly 31 people are forcibly displaced. Today, more than 68.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes due to conflicts and violence, persecution, natural disasters or the very real consequences of climate change –25.4 million of them are refugees.

In 2017 every 2 seconds one person was forced to flee their home due to war, persecution or violence. With millions of people in need on a record high the European Union continues its work with partners around the world to address the humanitarian challenges and to provide long-term support. Last year, €2 billion of the EU's humanitarian budget was allocated to help displaced people and host communities in 49 countries. And EU Member States have granted protection to more than 538 000 people.