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Reforestation of the degrading foothills of the sugar belt

25/06/2018 - 00:00
Agriculture and Food Safety

The Fiji reforestation project will result in the establishment of 6 010 hectares of tree plantations consisting of around 7.5 million trees in the three sugarcane sectors of Drasa, Koronubu and Malolo in the sugarcane belt of Viti Levu.

These plantations are expected to include 925 hectares on-farm woodlots, 4 700 hectares of production plantations on the sloping areas and 385 hectares of protection planting on degraded slopes and ridge tops, and riparian areas. 

Total Cost (EUR): 9 000 000

EU contracted amount (EUR): 9 000 000

Duration: 9 000 000

Implementing organisation: Pacific Community (SPC)

Funding Instrument: DCI - Restructuring of sugar production

Benefitting zone: FJ - Fiji

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