Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia


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Die Europäische Union (EU) und der Europarat lehnen die Todesstrafe in jedem Fall und unter allen Umständen strikt ab. Die Todesstrafe ist eine grausame, unmenschliche und erniedrigende Bestrafung und läuft dem Recht auf Leben zuwider. Die Todesstrafe bedeutet Rache und nicht Gerechtigkeit, und ihre Abschaffung trägt zur Achtung der Menschenwürde bei.

Европейский Союз (ЕС) и Совет Европы решительно не приемлют смертную казнь во всех случаях и при любых обстоятельствах. Смертная казнь является жестокой, бесчеловечной и унижающей достоинство мерой наказания, противоречащей праву на жизнь. Смертная казнь означает возмездие, но не справедливость, и отказ от нее способствует укреплению человеческого достоинства.

The project aimed to facilitate the creation of a strong women’s movement and activism, enhance the participation of women and women’s groups and to bring women’s socio-economic issues and especially Violence Against Women (VAW) to the attention of decision-makers at the national and regional levels. In addition, the project worked towards ensuring the realization of the socio-economic rights of women through enhancing the capacity of women’s associations and promoting dialogue in good governance and women’s rights protection. As a result of implementing this project, NEWA and its partners have made notable impact with regards to empowering women and girls and enhancing gender equality.

Enhancing older people and their institutions’ capacity for improved governance and sustainable development in Ethiopia (EEPNA), in partnership with Help Age International, was one of the beneficiaries of the EU CSF II programme launched to support Ethiopian CSOs to engage in the development and democratic processes of the country. The programme has created a conducive environment for EEPNA to undertake well-organized and comprehensive advocacy and lobby campaigns for the rights and wellbeing of older people. In addition to interventions at country level, EEPNA was able to voice the concerns and interests of its members in global campaigns undertaken to request and influence the ratification and realization of the Universal Convention for Older People.

The general objective of the Sector Reform Contract, Fourth Road Sector Policy Support Program (SPSP) in Ethiopia is to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth, eradicate poverty and improve sector governance through the implementation of the Road Sector Development Program (RSDP) IV (2010/15) and his successor RSDP V (2015/20).

Project works with smallholder beekeepers particularly women and landless youths to boost honey production and productivity and expand market base through improving access to key inputs, finance and market.

On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, the European Union reaffirms its commitment towards democracy as a fundamental right of every human being. Every woman and every man has to be free to participate to the political, economic and social life of her or his country. No one should fear to speak up, to demonstrate peacefully, to go to vote or to expect fair and inclusive policies from a government. Democracy can only function if participation and trust between democratic state institutions, governments and citizens are guaranteed.