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Vanuatu and the EU

The EU and Vanuatu can look back over 36 years of cooperation in the context of the EU-ACP partnership. This partnership is based on the legacy of a shared history, common values, economic and trade relations.

The EU’s desire to support Vanuatu’s economic and social development is in the interest of its people and of the EU. Good governance and political stability bring about growth and stronger economic links with partners, including the EU.

Regarding trade and economic cooperation, the EU encourages Pacific ACP countries, including Vanuatu, to reap the benefits of the Economic Partnership Agreement.

The EU is seeking to sustain and enhance its relationship with Vanuatu, beyond development and economic cooperation. Through political dialogue, this partnership promotes the fundamental values of democracy, human rights and rule of law, political and economic governance.

The 11th EDF National Indicative Programme (NIP) for Vanuatu covers the period 2014-2020 and constitutes the EU’s response to VU’s National Development Strategy (NDS). Formulated through the “Priorities and Action Agenda”, the NDS establishes the basis for programming of EU assistance. Primary sector development is the main strategic priority. It aims at contributing to poverty reduction and improved livelihoods through equitable and broad based sustainable economic growth of the rural economy.

Programmable funds earmarked under the 11th EDF amount to EUR 41 million. The total allocation is subdivided as follows:

  • Rural Development: 35 000 000
  • Civil society: 3 000 000
  • Support measures: 3 000 000

Following the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Pam in March 2015, the EU decided to provide additional support to Vanuatu (from the 11th EDF reserve) amounting to EUR 2.5 million in order to assist the country in its recovery. Ten million Euro of this amount aim to support the Agriculture/Rural Development sector.

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