Delegation of the European Union to Eswatini


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20/11/2020 – HR/VP Blog – Today, EU Defence Ministers discussed how to address tomorrow’s challenges and how the EU can become a stronger security partner. The Strategic Compass, the Permanent Structured Cooperation and the Coordinated Annual Review on Defence are key to achieve this objective.

The European Union (EU) has provided up to EUR 5 million (approx. SZL 100 million) to help support job creation and investment climate in Eswatini.

Children and young people are sounding the alarm: if we do not act now, they will be living with the impacts of COVID-19 and the climate crisis for years to come

19/11/2020 - HRVP blog - The ten countries of ASEAN and five Asia-Pacific countries (China, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand) have just agreed a major trade deal that covers 30% of the world’s population and GDP. As the European Union, we welcome rules-based, multilateral economic integration and we should be pro-active by enhancing our engagement in and with ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific region.

How has the European Union’s foreign policy evolved in the last years? What have been the main achievements? What are the biggest opportunities and the main challenges for the EU in a rapidly changing landscape?

16/11/2020 – HR/VP Blog – Last Friday, I participated in the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum, devoted to the response to the pandemic crisis and the principles that should govern the post-Covid international order.



16/11/2020 - Blog HR/VP - El viernes pasado participé en la tercera edición del Foro de la Paz de París, dedicado a la respuesta a la crisis de la pandemia y a los principios que deben regir el orden internacional post-Covid.



13/11/2020 – HR/VP blog – With the BioNTech vaccine announcement, we are beginning to see light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. However, with progress comes the risk of “vaccine nationalism”. From the start, we, as EU, have clearly chosen a multilateral approach. This needs also to become the global choice.  

09.11.2020 – Blog des Hohen Vertreters – Die Wahl von Joe Biden zum designierten Präsidenten wurde in Europa sehr begrüßt. Nun müssen wir die Chancen nutzen, die sich daraus für den Wiederaufbau der Zusammenarbeit zwischen der EU und den USA ergeben. Die neue Führung der USA ist bereit, die Partnerschaft wiederzubeleben, und daher sollte sich auch die EU darauf einstellen, einen verstärkten Beitrag zu leisten. Die Welt braucht Vereinigte Staaten, die bereit sind zuzuhören, und ein Europa, das fähig ist zu handeln.

09/11/2020 – HR/VP Blog – The victory of Joe Biden as the President-elect has been warmly welcomed in Europe. Now we need to seize the opportunities this offers to rebuild EU-US cooperation. With a new US leadership ready to restore the partnership, the EU should prepare itself to step up its contributions. The world needs a US ready to listen and a Europe able to act.