Delegation of the European Union to Eswatini

EU support to Neighbourhood Care Points for vulnerable Swati children

27/07/2018 - 11:01
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On 26 July 2018, European Union Ambassador, Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones, visited a number of rural communities in the northern part of Eswatini where the EU is supporting 90 Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) which act as feeding centres for more than 3 000 vulnerable children in the country. Most of these children are pre-school going.

During the visit, the Ambassador also inaugurated some of these NCPs where the EU has provided funding for the construction of state-of-the-art facilities such as kitchens and learning structures. The projects are part of the EU's overall support to child social protection in the country.

In her speech during the inauguration of the projects at Nkamanzi in the northern Hhohho region, Ambassador Hernandez Aragones said a happy and well developed child usually has the good fortune of growing up in a stable family surrounded by caring and loving people. She said such a child has the best chance to do well in school leading to a happy and successful life.

However, she said the Kingdom of Eswatini was confronted by the growing problem of vulnerable children who are not only facing hunger but also lack simple basic needs. The Ambassador said it was for this reason that the EU was supporting the community pre-schools and NCPs in order to reach out to every needy child in Eswatini.

She thanked the communities for making the effort to manage these feeding and child learning centres for the welfare of the children. The Ambassador then urged the government to take up the role of funding and monitoring these child centres, saying the provision of social protection for the youngest in society is the best hope for the future of Eswatini.

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