Delegation of the European Union to Eritrea

The EU Delegation in Eritrea is hosting a regional training on Logical Framework Approach (LFA)

25/04/2017 - 11:10
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The EU Delegation is hosting a regional training on Logical Framework Approach (LFA), Indicators and Evaluation. The training started on Monday 24 April and will last until Friday 28 April in the venue of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers.

The trainers are international experts involved in similar activities all over the world.

24 people are attending the event. In particular the training is addressed to the staff of the EU Delegation;  the staff of the Eritrean institutions involved in the implementation of the current and future EDF programmes, such as Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Statistics Office, and colleague from the EU Delegation in Sudan.

The training aims at improving the understanding of key methodological principles such as Logical Framework Approach (LFA), Logical Framework Matrix (LFM), Intervention Logic, Theory of Action and Theory of Change; at having a practical understanding of how to develop a strong Intervention Logic and at enhancing the use of LFA-related tools, indicators ad evaluation mechanisms. At the end of the week the trainees will also be able to link the training content with their work on EU supported actions as well as with some related key documents and management mechanisms (Action Document, the EU Results Framework, etc.).

The event has been opened on Monday morning by the EU Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr Chirstian Manahl, also at the presence of the Deputy National Authorizing Officer, Mr Samsom Berhane. In his opening remarks, Ambassador Manahl has underlined the importance of such training in preparation of a smooth implementation of the 11th EDF programmes.

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