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Sofia and Alex Bassols go on a Doggo Tour

18/11/2020 - 19:13
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We invite you to read the story that Sofía and Alex share with us about their first experience doing Perriturismo.

"Bow wow! We are Sofia and Alex Bassols. Pleased to meet you. Last Sunday we took our human, Andreu, for a visit to the Cerro Verde national park. It was the first time we had taken him along for a ride outside the city and we were nervous about him; luckily, he was well behaved. We had a pleasant walk around the park while a ranger told us about the nature reserve, its rich ecosystem and the importance of protecting it: we paid close attention to him while our humans were busy posing for pictures. Our hike took us to the impressive Izalco volcano, which several humans decided to climb (between you and us, Andreu did not climb it this time). We are most eager to go on another Doggo Tour soon and see our new friends Rocco, Zoe, Tonchis, Loki, Murphy, El Chele, Archie, Leah and Coco.""We would love to tell you all about our new best friend, Rocco Mena, who for years has been going on many adventures around El Salvador with his humans, Laura and Daniela. During our walk, Rocco hurt his paw, but he recovered quickly thanks to the timely action of the skilled vet Monica and the help of Brenda, two humans highly committed to the protection of animals and the environment. At first, Rocco had difficulty walking, but later on, as we reached the slopes of the Izalco volcano, he let go of his human and happily ran around with us. We hiked in the cloud forest along steps carved on the ground; we saw a lot of nature and plenty of leaves. We explored the terrain but decided against hiking the volcano as its loose sharp rocks and temperature could hurt us."
"Finally, we would love you to meet Zoe: she is only 5 months old and already brave enough to have taken her two humans on their first adventure. Zoe enjoyed her time as much as we did. One of our shared favourite moments was lunchtime! Our humans had prepared a private space and treated us with a very special meal, which we ate at once, as it was our well-deserved prize for a beautiful day we had organised for them. Now, we are all resting in our homes, but we are sure we will be taking Andreu and the rest of our new friends to other Doggo Tours. Of course, we will continue to take all the necessary measures to keep them protected from contracting COVID-19."


Doggo Tour #Green Europe Edition

The EU DEL, the German embassy, and the local organisation Perriturismo El Salvador organised the Doggo Tour #GreenEurope Edition, which was a fun visit for dogs and their humans to the Cerro Verde national park, and a perfect opportunity to be outdoors for some nature and relaxation. While the doggos had a pleasant walk around the park, their humans were challenged to hike the active – and rather steep – Izalco volcano, which was known to ancient sailors as the Lighthouse of the Pacific.