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International Human Rights Day

11/12/2018 - 17:10
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The Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, together with the NGO Civic Alliance, the Ombudsman, the Government of Montenegro and the EU Info Centre, marked International Human Rights Day with a series of activities.


On Friday 7 December, pupils from 26 high schools from 20 Montenegrin cities had the opportunity to show their knowledge of human rights by solving the tasks in the "Human Rights Quest". The most successful team in terms of how quickly they passed 10 points was the team from Panto Malisic Gymnasium in Berane, the most active team was the team from Niksic Secondary Vocational School, while the award for best cooperation, team work and the highest total number of points went to the team from the Selic Brothers Secondary School in Kolasin. Similar to last year, the main prize, provided by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro is a trip to Berlin. Aivo Orav, the Ambassador of the European Union to Montenegro, handed out the prizes. Orav said that the pupils had shown a lot of commitment and enthusiasm and that they had learned a lot about not only human rights, but also team work, team spirit and solidarity.

International Human Rights Day also was marked by a charity basketball tournament on 8 December. Fourteen teams participated, and €637 was collected. The winners, Congress Travel, decided to give their money to the Buducnost Equestrian Sports Club for a hypo-rehabilitation treatment for children with disabilities. All participants of the tournament also took part in the European Union campaign “Stand up for Human Rights" and made a photograph with bracelets written with campaign’s slogan.

This year, on 10 December, 70 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was celebrated. At a conference organised on that occasion, the EU Ambassador to Montenegro, Aivo Orav, expressed the EU’s support for defenders of human rights across the globe. “In Montenegro, the EU supports institutional and civil society actors working to advance the protection of human rights. In the period 2014–2020, we invested €5 million to support their work dealing with human rights and anti-discrimination,” Orav stated. Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pazin said that, when it comes to human rights and freedoms, Montenegro has made significant efforts to improve the legislative and institutional framework, but the biggest challenges will be to accept diversity in society and to combat discrimination.

International Human Rights Day was also marked at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro. A simulation of a trial held before court in Strasbourg was held in which students of the University of Montenegro, the University of Donja Gorica, Mediterranean University and the University of Strasbourg took part. In English they successfully played the roles of all the parties that come together at the Strasbourg court. Thus, arguments were made by the representatives of the applicant, as well as representatives of the state against which the alleged human rights violation proceedings were initiated. This student trial was followed by a jury, and it ended exactly the same way that every trial in Strasbourg ends – with the pronouncement of the verdict.