Delegación de la Unión Europea en El Salvador

2017 Journalist Trip to Europe

€15.000 - €60.000

The Delegation of the European Union to China and Mongolia ("the Delegation") is planning to call for tenders to organize a trip for 12-15 people to Europe in October 2017. Economic operators (vendors and service providers) who may be interested are invited to consult through the contact information provided below.

Requested services essentially include organizing of the trip, including ticket booking, hotel reservation as well as other logistic arrangements. The contractor would work closely with the Delegation and designate a team to provide the requested services in a timely and professional manner. 

The final price of the contract will depend on the bids, and price will be a factor in considering the winning bid. In any case the value of the contract will not exceed EUR 60,000.

Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
8 August 2017
Contact e-mail: 
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