The European Union Delegation to Egypt


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2014 sees Development in Partner Countries: Democratic Transition; Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; Economy; Cooperation with EU on Migration and Mobility, Energy and Transport.


The signature of the agreement regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (GERDP) by Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan yesterday in Khartoum marks an important political initiative for the management of the Nile Waters.
The European Union has always supported an equitable outcome that would enable the waters of the Nile – on which millions of people depend for their life and livelihoods - to be used for the development of all.

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Good morning,

Today we will discuss with the Ministers first of all Libya. As you know, it is a crisis that affects very much the region, but also directly the European Union, all of the European Union.

The latest terrorist attacks in the Northern Sinai region of Egypt have caused loss of lives and have left many wounded. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims.

Such attacks seek to undermine Egypt's stability and are detrimental to its economic development. The EU will remain by the people and Government of Egypt to support them tackle the challenges they are facing and to meet their aspirations for a better future.


The European Union, the United Nations, the United States and Egypt - the country most directly affected by the terrorist violence and fighting in the area- met yesterday to discuss the situation in Libya in the margins of the Counter Violence Extremism Summit upon impulsion of the EU.


"The EU stands in solidarity with the people and the government of Egypt in the wake of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. I convey my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those massacred by terrorists in Libya. 
I will meet Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Washington later this week and I will convey to him personally my condolences. We will also discuss the challenges ahead together with other leaders of the region and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

"The beheading of eight Bedouins by terrorists in the Northern Sinai region of Egypt is a demonstration of their denial to dignity and human life.

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and the people of Egypt.

The EU stands by Egypt and all countries exposed to terrorism and is determined to work with its regional and international partners to tackle this common challenge that endangers lives and threatens  global stability."