The European Union Delegation to Egypt


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The European Union is committed to preserving and protecting the unique neighbourhood of Cairo built during the Mamluk era enters in its third and most important phase, € 950,000 over a period of 30 months. (February 2018- August 2020)


A Project funded by the European Union and AFD for the total amount of 95 Million Euros, of which an EU contribution of a grant of € 15.3 Million. Project running of the period 2013-2018.


With a support of €500,000 grant from the EU, the IDEO and its partners in Egypt (the Institute of Manuscripts of the Arab League in Cairo, the University of Al-Azhar and the French Institute) assists in the training of a new generation of specialists in Islamic studies.

Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental right but is still a challenge in many parts of the world. On World Water Day, the European Union reaffirms that all States are expected to fulfil their obligations regarding access to safe drinking water, which must be available, accessible, safe, acceptable, and affordable for all without discrimination, and recalls that the right to safe drinking water is a human right essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights.

Environmental and social changes are deeply affecting Euro-Mediterranean agro-food systems and water resources. Climate change, unsustainable agricultural practices, over-exploitation of natural resources, new lifestyle behaviours and low profitability of small farms put a strain on the sustainable and healthy development of the EUROMED region, with major impacts on our societies. The increased complexity of such social, economic and environmental challenges can only be tackled through common efforts and resources with a research and innovation approach.

“Acting together for the Mediterranean,” is the title of the report that highlights the achievements of the first phase of the ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) “Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme”, more at this link: