The European Union Delegation to Egypt

EU ambassadors to Yemen visit Aden

Brussels, 07/02/2021 - 13:17, UNIQUE ID: 210207_4
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A delegation led by the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Yemen concluded a successful two-day visit to Aden today. The delegation included the ambassadors of Belgium, Germany, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, and the deputy head of mission of Norway to Yemen. The ambassadors held meetings with H.E. Prime Minister Dr Maeen Abdulmalik, government ministers, and representatives of local civil society, international NGOs and UN agencies in Aden.


The European delegation reiterated their strong condemnation of the Aden airport attack and commended the resolve of the government to stay in Yemen and work together to address the multiple challenges facing the country.


The visit underscores the European Union’s firm support for the government and the people of Yemen, in the context of a looming famine. The discussions with H.E. the Prime Minister Dr Maeen Abdulmalik and government ministers focused on the diverse challenges facing Yemen and how the EU and the international community can contribute to responding to them. The Ambassadors emphasized the importance of concretely improving living conditions for Yemenis across the country, while encouraging the government to step up its efforts in the fight against corruption. The European delegation underlined the need for empowerment and meaningful participation of women and youth in decision-making and in shaping the future of Yemen. They regretted the absence of women in the recently formed government. The European delegation reiterated its support for the efforts of the UN Special Envoy and underlined the urgency in reaching an inclusive political settlement for the whole of Yemen. The Ambassadors reaffirmed the European objective of addressing humanitarian needs and of improving the overall longer-run economic development of the country. The delegation called on all parties to grant full and unhindered humanitarian access.


In the exchanges with representatives of the civil society, the European delegation listened to the concerns and aspirations of women, youth and civil society representatives. The ambassadors expressed their admiration and support for the efforts of the individuals, NGOs and UN agencies.




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