The European Union Delegation to Egypt

Emergency Employment Investment Programme

24/08/2016 - 14:28
Public Health and Social Protection

A project funded by the European Union and World Bank to which the EU brought a grant of € 70 million over the period November 2013 – July 2018.

Context of the project:

The project responds to the priorities of the Egyptian government to focus on youth and their empowerment by piloting programmes to support the employability of unemployed rural and urban youth through the scaling-up of Egypt’s public works and community services programmes.



The project aimed at creating short-term employment opportunities for youth living in the poorest governorate of the county. They are employed in projects contributing to the improvement of community infrastructures and services. Short-term training or other support services is provided to young men and women to facilitate transition to wage and self-employment.



The project has achieved the following results:


Community infrastructure:

  • Seven rural road rehabilitated in Luxor and Assiut Governorates, using labour intensive work methods


Community services:

  • 486 subprojects have been implemented (147 in health, 122 in environment, 82 youth initiatives, 45 early childhood education and 70 literacy classes). These sub-projects have generated 15.9 million person/day of employment for a total of 43,209 direct beneficiaries.

  • 628 villages have received cleanliness and environmental awareness campaigns.

  • 1,192,000 families received maternal and child healthcare support through more than 26 million home visits.

  • 154,826 people participated in literacy classes (6,693 classes).

  • 289,535 children benefited from kindergarten classes.

  • 182,353 trees planted.

  • 9,880 village lamp posts restored and maintained.


Transition to wage and self-employment:

So far, approximately 8,800 youth received employability services and approximately 4,000 were placed into jobs.

  • 5,331 participated in life skills trainings
  • 6,278 participated in technical trainings
  • 1,304 participated in "how to manage your business" training
  • 1,387 participated to on-the-job trainings


Quote from Ambassador Ivan SURKOŠ, Head of the European Union Delegation to the Arab Republic of Egypt: (in the context of the project closing ceremony – Cairo, 3 December 2017)



"The EU supports Egypt in providing employment opportunities, particularly to its youth. Addressing the needs and aspirations of youth is a key to a brighter future for Egypt. The Emergency Employment Investment project is tailored to achieve the goal of supporting Egypt's future through investing in its young men and women via job creation and capacity building. It is in line with the priorities of the Egyptian government to focus on youth and their empowerment. It is also in line with our partnership priorities with Egypt".

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