The European Union Delegation to Egypt

Ambassadors of the EU and Italy visit EU-funded projects in Fayoum

Cairo, 21/07/2019 - 11:00, UNIQUE ID: 190722_3
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On 18 July, the Italian Ambassador, Giampaolo CANTINI and EU Ambassador, Ivan SURKOS met with the governor of Fayoum, General Essam SAAD IBRAHIM. During their meeting both Ambassadors presented their ongoing cooperation with the governorate. The EU and Italy are indeed presently funding various projects in the fields of water sanitation, education, family planning and rural development.

After meeting with the governor, both ambassadors visited several of the activities and infrastructures developed under the "European Union - Joint Rural Development Programme (EU-JRDP)", which is an integrated rural development initiative funded by the EU and implemented by the Italian Development Cooperation, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR) of Egypt. The programme is targeting the three governorates of Matrouh, Minya and Fayoum. Altogether the EU and Italy are granting Egypt with 660 M EGP to improve rural livelihood in these three governorates, with around 220 M EGP being dedicated to support rural development in the Fayoum governorate.

During their time in Fayoum, the ambassadors visited the greenhouse site in Monsheat Nageeb village where the project allowed improving the production of vegetables, in addition to visiting the rehabilitated meskas and marwas in Baher Bahmou supported by the project. They met with the beneficiaries of the ecotourism activities developed by the project in Tunis, and especially women in the pottery workshops.

The visit of these successful projects demonstrated the potential for further cooperation in the field of rural development between EU and its Members, notably Italy, with Egypt in the near future.

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