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The 28th European Film Festival - 22 European countries, 23 days & over 60 movies

29/05/2019 - 13:47
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The closing reception of the 28th edition of the European Film Festival took place on the 23rd of May. Final remarks were followed by the screening of the Romanian movie 'Beside Me', introduced by HE Julia Pataki, Ambassador of Romania.


The 28thedition of the European Film Festival in Kenya came to a conclusion. In 23 days over 60 movies were screened in 12 different locations. As many as 22 European countries contributed to the festival's programme, emphasising the growing cultural dialogue between Europe and Kenya. The festival provided an opportunity for not only watching a rich variety of European and Kenyan movies, but also allowed for participation in masterclasses, a cine concert, exhibitions and other side engagements organised throughout the festival period.

The success of the expanding festival was celebrated at the closing reception of the European Film Festival, which took place on Thursday, 23rd of May 2019. Festival curator, Nyambura M. Waruingi, opened the celebration, emphasising how this year's edition had grown in terms of partnering with other film festivals, including the Slum Film Festival and the Lake International Pan-African Film Festival, as well as well as other cultural spaces across Nairobi, such as Creatives Garage and Huipalas Association in Kariobangi.

Hubert Perr, the EU Delegation's Head of Cooperation emphasised the crucial importance of the festival for the mutually beneficial cooperation between Europe and Kenya. The Ambassador of Romania, HE Julia Pataki, introduced the Romanian film titled 'Beside Me', directed by Tedy Necula, screened during the reception. Currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Romanian Embassy co-organised the event.

The European Film Festival constitutes a fundamental part of EU's cultural activities in Kenya. It provides a space for a cultural exchange between Europeans and Kenyans, offering a unique opportunity for dialogue encouraged by the cinematic experiences. Yet, its continuation would not have been possible without our contributing partners, organisers and festival guests, to whom the EU expresses its appreciation.

Special thanks are directed towards Nyambura M. Waruingi, the Festival Curator, social media assistants, Nyambura Mutanyi and Peter Njue, the graphic designer Lameck Orina and the Festival assistant Junniah Wamaitha. The EU would like to express further gratitude to our generous partners, who enabled the increased outreach of the Festival, and included: European Union Member States and other participating European countries, IMAX Kenya, the Kenya Film Classification, Mookh, Black Rhino, White Rhino Films, Huipalas Foundation, Chocolate City Productions, Alliance Française, Slum Film Festival, Lake International Panafrican Film Festival, Machawood, Goethe-Institut, La Cinemathéque Afrique, the Alchemist, August 7th Memorial Park, the German School, Creatives Garage and Dagoz Artist Bar.

Thank you for your participation and contribution to the European Film Festival.

We hope to see you during the following edition of this event!

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