The European Union Delegation to Egypt

EU Delegation launches 10th Annual Photography Competition

To keep the tradition of last year, the EU Delegation put the theme of the contest to a vote on its official Facebook page. It presented three different topics and the theme "Favourite Destinations in Egypt" received the majority of votes.

Favourite Destinations in Egypt

The EU Delegation to Egypt believes that the country has many beautiful and inspiring destinations. These destinations can be popular touristic places, but also destinations that the photographer relates to in his/her life. The EU Delegation calls on amateur photographers to capture scenes, places, sites or destinations in artistic and creative way. The contest aims to explore this subject in all its aspects in an attempt to obtain a unique image of Egypt by portraying many of its places in a distinctive and different way.

An independent committee of professionals and experts will evaluate the competitors to select the winners.

The photography competition began in 2008 with a total participation of more than one thousand contestants since then.

The EU Delegation to Egypt offers valuable prizes for the first three winners. The EU Delegation's 2018 desk calendar will feature the first 12 winning photos. A special award ceremony and exhibition event will be held to hand over the prizes. The exhibition will feature the top 30 photos.

The deadline for submission is 2nd November 2017. Full details on rules and regulations of participating in the competition can be found in the following link:

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