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Internships at the European Union Delegation to Egypt

10/08/2017 - 13:11
Traineeships in Delegations

The European Union Delegation to Egypt offers three traineeships. The aim of these traineeships is to provide students with insights about the daily work of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, in particular, and of the European Union, in general. The programme has been running for several years with many candidates benefited from this rich experience at the Delegation where many current European civil servants started their career path as trainees.

Are you eligible for traineeship? You may apply for the traineeship if:

  • Nationality: You are a national from the EU Member States, pre-accession States or a national Egyptian.
  • University student: You are a University student in your 3rd, or 4th, or 5th academic year and your studies are in relation to International Relations, or Human Rights, or Press and Information.
  1. You are a university student who receives financial support from university undertaking a compulsory or recommended training period as part of your course, and already residing in Egypt.
  2. Or, you are a university student who receives financial support from a university or another institution but located elsewhere in the world, such as; independent universities or research organisations which do not set out to make profits for redistribution or are part of the public sector.
  • Languages: You have excellent command of English language.  Knowledge of other EU languages or/and Arabic language is an asset.
  • Experience:  The traineeship programme is foreseen for candidates with no professional experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Internships at the Delegation of the European Union to Egypt are voluntary (non-remunerated) and create no contractual relationship with the European Union or the Delegation.  All selected interns must be able to provide proof that they are participating in the internship as part of a training program or for academic course credits.


What are the main functions and duties?

- Press and Information Trainee: Assisting in the preparation of the daily Morning Briefings, Press Reviews and monitoring of Egyptian newspapers. Assisting in preparation of press and information events. Updating the Delegation's website and Facebook page. Writing Press reports on specific issues related to how the EU Delegation and its activities are portrayed in the media, and others.

- Human Rights Trainee: Assisting the Human Rights Advisor of the delegation. Monitoring of Human Rights issues and maintaining the database. Monitoring and attending relevant trials. Drafting reports and notes and taking minutes. Liaising with EU Member States. Meeting with Civil Society and relevant interlocutors.

- Political Affairs Trainee: Assisting Delegation officials in reporting on political issues.  Monitoring closely domestic and regional affairs. Attending meetings and drafting minutes. Assist in the preparations of incoming official visits to the delegation.


What are the rules?

  • Duration: the traineeship is for duration of a maximum of six months.
  • Cost: All costs related to travel, insurance, accommodation and living expenses must be borne by trainees sponsoring Universities/institutions, (written letter certifying that is required)
  • Visa: trainees are responsible for obtaining and covering the cost of necessary visa.
  • Travel: trainees have to arrange and finance their travel to the EU Delegation to Egypt.
  • Medical insurance: trainees need to arrange and show proof of valid medical insurance sickness/accident coverage prior to the start of their traineeship.

How to apply and when to start?

Interested candidates should send a motivation letter, a copy of their resume and contact details of at least one referee to the following email address mentioning the title of interested traineeship; 1-Press and Information Traineeship, 2- Political Affairs Traineeship, 3- Human Rights Traineeship.

E-mail address:

Deadline for application: 01 September 2017

Ideal Start Date: beginning of October 2017.

What are the needed documents to provide, if selected?

Those selected will be obliged to provide the following documents:

  1. Traineeship Agreement duly signed by trainee and University/Institution.
  2. Updated Resume & Motivation Letter.
  3. Copy of trainee valid passport.
  4. Written proof of financial support from University/Institution.
  5. Medical Insurance Certificate letter covering trainee's traineeship period (i.e. valid medical insurance card).
  6. University certificate.
  7. Valid visa during the traineeship period.

Only selected candidates will be contacted


Selection process

The EU Egypt Delegation organise the selection process based on merits and aimed at ensuring that all candidates are treated in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way.

Selection procedures:

  • Candidates may be selected from Universities (local and worldwide) in implementation of a specific agreement signed by the University and the EU Egypt Delegation.
  • Spontaneous application of students receiving a grant/scholarship from the University or another institution, as mentioned above. 


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