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The EU reinforces Egypt National Institution of Standards through twinning

Cairo, 04/07/2017 - 16:43, UNIQUE ID: 170705_1
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European and Egyptian officials celebrated today the successful completion of EU-Egypt twinning project on Building the Capacity of the Egyptian National Institute of Standards (NIS) in the field of Metrology. This EU-funded twinning project was implemented over two years with EU partner institutions.

In his comments during the closing ceremony, Ambassador Ivan Surkoš, Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Egypt said: "In our view, twinnings like this one will help bringing Egypt even closer to Europe, having better access to the European market and attracting more investments and joint ventures to Egypt. Such investments can yield benefits to the Egyptian society at large through expansion of the economy and creation of jobs."

Mr. Surkoš pointed out that investing in the functioning of the national quality infrastructure, including in metrology, is a valuable way of strengthening competitiveness of the economy and facilitating trade. "According to estimates, at least 80% of world trade is affected by standards or regulations. If no sound measurement system is in place, these regulations and standards may become a technical barrier to trade, which may lead to increased costs, inhibit the free flow of goods, or require repeated testing," he added.

The Support to the Association Agreement Programme, affiliated to the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation helped the Egyptian beneficiary in coordinating the EU-funded twinning project, worth EUR 1.1 million. The project was implemented by a consortium of institutions of EU member states: British Standards Institution, Regulatory Delivery Directorate, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS-RD) - UK, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) - UK, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) - Germany, Czech Metrology Institute (CMI), and Northern Ireland Co-Operation Overseas (NI-CO).

The EU-funded twinning project helped in writing a new metrology law which harmonizes with EU best practices. During the implementation period of the project over the course of 27 months, the capabilities of the NIS laboratories have been enhanced though raising capacity in measurement, quality management, marketing, and public relations. NIS has been strengthened as a result of Egyptian experts attending training, workshops, roundtables and short visits to Europe as part of the project. This project has enhanced NIS's opportunities to contributing more fully to the quality infrastructure and the quality standards of priority sector industrial products in Egypt.

The most outstanding results achieved by the project were:

  • Egyptian legislation in legal metrology is aligned with international practices and new approach directives and EU transposition
  • Egyptian law on metrology is drafted for the improved national quality infrastructure 
  • NIS is improved in the requirements of conformity assessment bodies and notified bodies
  • Egyptian relations and cooperation amongst legal, industrial, scientific metrology and hallmarking is improved
  • NIS is supported in quality management system development and implementation to ISO standards
  • Marketing and PR capacity of NIS is strengthened
  • Training of NIS on calibration and CMC procedures related to ACAA priorities of products
  • Training of NIS in metrology in chemistry
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