The European Union Delegation to Egypt

Speaking remarks during the information event of the EU-funded ‘ENI CBC MED Programme on new financing opportunities

Cairo, 22/11/2016 - 11:50, UNIQUE ID: 161122_11
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Speaking remarks by Mr. Diego Escalona Patueral Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Egypt during the information event of the EU-funded ‘ENI CBC MED Programme on new financing opportunities

 ‘ENI CBC MED Programme on new financing opportunities

CBC MED Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme (2014-2020)


22nd November 2016


Cross-border cooperation (CBC) is an integral component of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). It likewise features in associated regional policies such as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Eastern Partnership. It aims to promote co-operation across the borders between EU Member States and the countries in the European Neighbourhood


CBC contributes to the overall ENI objective of progress towards 'an area of shared prosperity and good neighbourliness' between EU Member States and their neighbours. To advance this goal, CBC under the ENI has three overarching strategic objectives:

  • Promote economic and social development in regions on both sides of common borders;
  • Address common challenges in environment, public health, safety and security;
  • Promotion of better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capital.


The promotion of local cross-border “people-to-people” actions will be an important modality to be deployed to support of any of these objectives. This could include support for enhanced cooperation among local and regional authorities, NGOs and other civil society groups, universities and schools, chambers of commerce etc.


Three main categories of programmes will be established under ENI-CBC:


a) programmes covering a common land border


b) programmes covering a short sea crossing and


c) programmes covering a sea basin.


The ENI CBC “Mediterranean Sea Basin” Programme was adopted by the European Commission on 17 December 2015. The Joint Monitoring Committee, a body composed of 14 countries (Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia) is responsible for designing the strategy and implementing modalities of this new Programme.


Over € 209 million have been granted by the European Union to the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme for the period 2014-2020.


The four thematic objectives of the programme are aligned with the priorities of the European Union bilateral cooperation of Egypt are as follows:


  • 'Business and SMEs development' around EUR 45.1 million


  • 'Support to education, research, technological development and innovation' around EUR 33.8 million


  • 'Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty' around EUR 33.8 million


  • 'Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation' around EUR 75.2 million 


We are pleased to note that Egypt, as a partner of the CBC MED, has participated in 30 projects funded by this programme in different sectors, i.e. tourism, water management, waste treatment and recycling, integrated coastal zone management, and renewable energy and energy efficiency, which offer a great complement to our work in promoting socio-economic development in the country.


Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention that under our Annual Action Plan for 2016, the European Union and the Government of Egypt have signed six (6) Financing Agreements with a total amount of EUR 129 million in Grants. These, projects cover various sectors mainly, water, energy, SMEs development, employment, culture and citizen rights. These projects complement the objectives of the CBC programme as well as other EU initiative.  


Concerning CBC, the Financing Agreement should be concluded as soon as possible in order start new era of CBC cooperation. We hope that Egypt will have a high benefit from the new programme as well as the other EU programmes in order to establish a stable macroeconomic development, eradication of poverty, and to improve the quality of life of the general population.


Wishing you a successful meeting I also thank you for your attention!


Mr. Diego Escalona Patueral

Head of Cooperation of

The EU Delegation to Egypt